What is the correct meaning of indicate?

What is the correct meaning of indicate?

Definition of indicate transitive verb. 1a : to point out or point to. b : to be a sign, symptom, or index of the high fever indicates a serious condition. c : to demonstrate or suggest the necessity or advisability of indicated the need for a new school the indicated treatment.

What is indicated example?

The definition of indicate is to make reference to, to point towards or show something, or to make a brief statement acknowledging something. An example of indicate is when you point towards Susie. An example of indicate is when you draw lines on a floor plan to show where the couch will go.

When to use indicate and indicates?

If you indicate something to someone, you show them where it is, especially by pointing to it. If one thing indicates something else, it is a sign of that thing. If a technical instrument indicates something, it shows a measurement or reading.

What part of speech is indicate?

verb (used with object), in·di·cat·ed, in·di·cat·ing.

How do you use indicated in a sentence?

Indicated sentence example

  1. He indicated the souls.
  2. He indicated the neatly folded clothing on the table beside the bed.
  3. A quick count indicated they were still one goat short.
  4. Nothing she had seen indicated he was using drugs.
  5. Howie was ambivalent as usual while Quinn indicated the choice was Martha’s to make.

How do you write indicate?

What does indicate in writing?

“Indicate” is similar to “show” but introduces a note of uncertainty: that the data leads you to suspect something but you can’t be sure. Use “indicate” when you want to avoid a definitive statement.

What does indicate mean law?

Indicated means graphic representations, notes, or schedules on drawings, or other requirements in Contract Documents. Words such as “shown”, “noted”, “scheduled”, are used to help locate the reference. No limitation on the location is intended unless specifically noted. Sample 1.

How do you indicate something?

[transitive] to make someone notice someone or something, especially by pointing or moving your head indicate somebody/something (to somebody) She took out a map and indicated the quickest route to us. “What are they doing here?” he asked, indicating her bags in the hallway.

What is the sentence of indicating?

(1) I checked to see if the needle indicating volume was oscillating. (2) Researchers have unearthed documents indicating her responsibility for the forced adoption of children. (3) He misinterpreted her silence as indicating agreement. (4) The boys lifted up their legs, indicating they wanted to climb in.

What does indicated mean in reading?

To indicate means to point something out or to present evidence.

What does indicated mean in jail?

Indicated means a finding that there is credible evidence, which has not been satisfactorily refuted, that abuse, neglect, or sexual abuse did occur. Sample 1.

What does the word indicate mean?

indicate – indicate a place, direction, person, or thing; either spatially or figuratively; “I showed the customer the glove section”; “He pointed to the empty parking space”; “he indicated his opponents”

How do you use indicate in a sentence?

Lowercase it and use periods. The abbreviation “i.e.” should always appear with a lowercase “i” and a lowercase “e” in a sentence,with a period between both letters.

  • Do not italicize or bold it. The abbreviation “i.e.” does not need to be formatted differently than the rest of the document or paper.
  • Place a comma before and after “i.e.
  • Put “i.e.
  • What does the name indicate mean?

    —used to indicate the name that is commonly or usually used for something. —used to indicate a name or description that you think is not really right or suitable. See the full definition for so-called in the English Language Learners Dictionary. so-called. How do you use so called in a sentence? We should calm down about so-called radicalisation.

    What does indicating mean?

    in·di·cate (ĭn′dĭ-kāt′) tr.v. indi·cat·ed, indi·cat·ing, indi·cates 1. To show the way to or the direction of; point out: an arrow indicating north; indicated the right road by nodding toward it. 2. To serve as a sign, symptom, or token of; signify: “The cracking and booming of the ice indicate a change of temperature” (Henry David Thoreau