What is the derivative of bearnaise sauce?

What is the derivative of bearnaise sauce?

Béarnaise sauce is a derivative of Hollandaise sauce – one of the five mother sauces of the culinary world. It’s made just like Hollandaise, but using a tarragon-shallot reduction instead of lemon juice.

What are some derivatives of hollandaise sauce?

Derivatives of hollandaise sauce The most common derivative is Sauce Béarnaise. It can be made by replacing the acidifying agent (vinegar reduction or lemon juice) with a strained reduction of vinegar, shallots, fresh chervil, fresh tarragon and crushed peppercorns.

Where is bearnaise sauce used?

Béarnaise Sauce is a stunning French sauce usually served with steak at fine dining restaurants and high-end steakhouses. Traditionally it’s made by hand. Yolks are combined with a herb-infused vinegar reduction over a double boiler, then melted butter is carefully and slowly drizzled in while whisking.

What are two derivatives of hollandaise sauce?


  • The most common derivative is sauce Béarnaise.
  • Sauce au vin blanc (for fish) is hollandaise with a reduction of white wine and fish stock.
  • Sauce Bavaroise is hollandaise with cream, horseradish, and thyme.
  • Sauce crème fleurette is hollandaise with crème fraîche.

What is meant by derivative sauce?

1. DERIVATIVES OF BÉCHAMEL SAUCE. Cream sauce: Chopped onions are reduced with white wine and then cream is reduced in the same pan. Now some béchamel sauce is added & whisked in. More cream is added till correct consistency is obtained and the sauce is then strained.

What is derivative sauce?

Derivatives of Mother Sauces

  • Bechamél Sauce.
  • Velouté Sauce.
  • Espagnole Sauce.
  • Hollandaise Sauce.
  • Mayonnaise Sauce.

What are the derivatives of tomato sauce?

Tomato Sauce Derivatives

  • Portugaise Sauce: Tomato Sauce + Sauteed onion + Tomato concassé + Demi-glaze + Chopped garlic + Chopped parsley.
  • Provençal Sauce: Tomato sauces + Sliced mushrooms + Garlic + Chopped parsley + Olive oil.
  • Marinara Sauce: Tomato sauces + White wine + Oregano + Seafood.

Which sauce is a derivative of bechamel?

Velouté is similar to béchamel because it’s a white sauce thickened with roux, but it features stock for the base instead of milk.

What is the difference between hollandaise and bearnaise?

What’s the Difference Between Hollandaise and Béarnaise Sauce? Hollandaise is an egg yolk mixture emulsified with unsalted butter and acid. Béarnaise sauce builds on hollandaise with egg yolks, butter, white wine vinegar, shallots, and tarragon.

Can I use bearnaise instead of hollandaise?

Béarnaise sauce was introduced later, and is a derivative of hollandaise. This sauce differs from hollandaise in the ingredients used, as well as the food it’s served with. Béarnaise gets its acidity from white wine vinegar, rather than the lemon juice used in hollandaise sauce.

What is the derivatives of tomato sauce?

The derivatives of tomato sauce include: Portuguese sauce: A sauce of sautéed onions, chopped tomatoes, and cloves of garlic that’s finished with chopped fresh parsley. Spanish sauce: A spicier sauce of sautéed onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and garlic.

What are the brown sauce derivatives?

Brown Sauce Derivatives

  • Mustard Sauce… More.
  • Mushroom Sauce.
  • Chasseur Sauce.
  • Green Pepper Corn Sauce.
  • Lyonnaise Sauce.

What is a derivative of Béarnaise sauce?

Derivatives of Béarnaise Sauce Béarnaise Sauce It can be considered as a derivative of hollandaise sauce. Sauce Arlesienne Béchamel + Tomato puree + anchovy paste + diced tomatoes.

What is Paloise Béarnaise sauce?

Sauce Paloise Béarnaise Sauce made with a reduction of mint, shallots, white pepper in white wine and vinegar served with grilled meats. Sauce Rachel Béchamel Sauce + Demiglace garnished with dices of tomatoes.

What is the difference between béarnaise and hollandaise sauce?

The difference is only in the flavoring: Béarnaise uses shallot, chervil, peppercorns, and tarragon in a reduction of vinegar and wine, while Hollandaise is more stripped down, using a reduction of lemon juice or white wine.

What is sauce Choron or Béarnaise?

Sauce Choron or Sauce Béarnaise Tomatée is a variation of béarnaise without tarragon or chervil, plus added tomato purée. It is named after Alexandre Étienne Choron.