What is the difference between a job description and a job title?

What is the difference between a job description and a job title?

Job title: Your job title is simply the label you have within your company, based on the position you hold. While a job role is only a few words summarizing your purpose within the larger company, a job description lists the particulars of the position, including duties, responsibilities, and necessary skills.

What level is an associate?

The seniority level of an associate is typically entry-mid, depending upon the industry. In financial services, it’s entry level. Within Morgan Stanley specifically, it’s what you call everyone who isn’t an officer: associate → VP → Managing Director → Executive Director.

What is an Executive Associate?

An executive associate is someone who provides clerical work for the head of a company, such as the CEO or president. Executive associates type reports, forward phone calls, take messages, keep track of important documents and respond to emails.

What is the difference between an executive assistant and an administrative assistant?

An administrative assistant, or admin assistant, is responsible for performing a wide range of administrative tasks in their place of work, while an executive assistant may perform more complex and advanced administrative duties, typically for top executives and other higher ups in an organization.

What does executive in a job title mean?

In some organisations, the word ‘executive’ in a job title means the position reports through to the CEO; in others it’s seriously used to describe call centre operators. Take, for example, the sole trader whose business card refers to him as the CEO or the managing director.