What is the difference between Erde and Daxara?

What is the difference between Erde and Daxara?

Yeah, Erde and Daxara are the same company. The models are identical… e.g. The Erde 122 is the equivalent of the Daxara 127…..the Erde 142 = Daxara 147 etc.

Who makes Daxara trailers?

Conceived by Erdé. the Daxara trailers benefit from 70 years of trailer manufacture, both for leisure and commercial use.

Where are Daxara trailers made?

Daxara are made in the same factory as Erde Trailers in France, so many of the Daxara trailers share the same accessories as the Erde trailers. Here at Western Towing, we can supply everything you could need for your trailer.

Where are Erde trailers made?

Erde trailers are manufactured in France and have TUV approval, making them legal to tow on the continent. Erde trailers are probably the most readily available small trailers in the UK, meaning you are never far away from replacement parts or accessories.

Are Daxara trailers any good?

Daxara are made by Erde but are of a slightly higher quality than the standard Erde. They have suspension units on most of the range and are double skinned unlike the erde. I have a daxara 158 with an A frame drawbar and 13 inch wheels. It is very stable and I towed it for about 3000 miles last year.

Do Erde trailers have suspension?

Erde make a range of shock absorbers to fit their range of trailers (excluding the 102 model). Shock absorbers are designed to dampen the movement of the suspension arm. The trailers load is bounced around less when loaded near to its capacity.

What size is a Daxara 127 trailer?

4′ x 3′
The Daxara 127 is an unbraked 4′ x 3′ single axle trailer, constructed with profiled galvanised pressed steel sides. It’s the smallest of it’s range with a gross vehicle weight of 400kgs and a carrying capacity of up to 335kgs.

What size is an Erde 102 Trailer?

1.06m long
Erde 102 trailer 1.06m long by 0.85m wide is a small light weight trailer ideal for camping and light household chores.

What size is an Erde 142 Trailer?

5ft x 3ft
The Erde 142 trailer is the Cheapest Trailer out of 3 in the Erde range that is classed as a 5ft x 3ft camping / leisure trailer.

Are Erde trailers good?

I own two Erde trailers, 142 and 122 both are excellent trailers and to be honest you don’t even notice them when towing, my car is a Peugeot 206 verve 1.4 diesel. I have towed the 142, 250 miles in one go with no problems at all and highly recommend Erde trailers.

What size is a Erde 122 Trailer?

Erde 122 trailer 1.20m long by 0.92m wide is a small light weight trailer ideal for camping and light household chores.