What is the easiest way to learn Vietnamese?

What is the easiest way to learn Vietnamese?

The world’s most popular way to learn Vietnamese online Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo is scientifically proven to work.

Is Vietnamese useful to learn?

Originally Answered: Is Vietnamese language useful or useless to learn? If you have any plans to work in South East Asia, then yes, it is quite useful. I’ve worked in China, Taiwan and Vietnam. In all three countries, I’ve been able to get by in both Chinese and Vietnamese.

How do you say months in Vietnamese?

Lesson 10: Months

  1. Tháng một.
  2. Tháng hai.
  3. Tháng ba.
  4. Tháng tư April.
  5. Tháng năm.
  6. Tháng sáu.
  7. Tháng bảy.
  8. Tháng tám.

How long does it take to learn Vietnamese fluently?

According to the US’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI), for a native English speaker to be proficient in Vietnamese, it would take approximately 1,110 class hours. This means that if you dedicate 1 hour every day, 7 days a week to learn Vietnamese, you will be proficient after 40 months (~3 years).

Is Vietnamese harder than Japanese?

Is Vietnamese Harder Than Japanese? The Japanese language is considered a super-hard language to learn, according to the FSI. The Japanese writing system comprises three systems: hiragana, katakana, and kanji. This makes Japanese writing is harder than Vietnamese because there is only one Vietnamese alphabet.

Is Korean easier to learn than Vietnamese?

One thing that makes Korean easier to learn than Mandarin or Vietnamese is the fact that it isn’t a tonal language. Mandarin and Vietnamese are both tonal languages (Mandarin having 4 tones and Vietnamese having 6 if I’m not mistaken). If you speak any IE language, then Korean would be much easier (but not too easy).

What month is thang in Vietnamese?

The months of the year in Vietnamese

English Vietnamese
January tháng một
February tháng hai
March tháng ba
April tháng tư

How does Vietnam write the date?

In Vietnam, dates follow the “day month year” order. All-numeric dates can be written as: d/m/yyyy (9/1/2021)

Is Vietnamese easier than Chinese?

Which Is Easier To Learn Chinese Or Vietnamese? To English speakers, Vietnamese seems to be easier to learn than the Mandarin language. FSI put Mandarin in the category ‘super-hard languages’ that requires a native English speaker 2,200 hours to be fluent, while the Vietnamese just requires 1,100 hours.

Is Vietnamese difficult to learn?

Learning Vietnamese is neither hard nor easy. As we will see, many more aspects of Vietnamese grammar are dễ rather than khó. Realistically, it is more accurate to say that Vietnamese is mostly “an easy language” rather than “a hard language.” However, one aspect of Vietnamese, the pronunciation, is quite difficult.