What is the frequency of Kiss 100 in Nairobi?

What is the frequency of Kiss 100 in Nairobi?

100.3 FM
Kiss100, 100.3 FM, Nairobi, Kenya | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

What FM frequency is kiss?

Listen to KISS on FM

FM 97.2 MHz
FM 105.6 MHz
FM 106.1 MHz
FM 106.4 MHz
FM 107.7 MHz

Where is Kiss FM studio located?

Contact KISS

Postal address 1 Golden Square London W1F 9DJ
Telephone: reception +44 20 7182 8000
Telephone: studio +44 844 811 2233
Official website kissfmuk.com
Wikipedia Bauer_Media_Group

Where is KISS 100 FM located?

Kiss 100 FM – Radio Africa Ltd is located in Nairobi, Kenya.

What frequency is Hope FM?

You can listen to Hope fm on 93.3 FM Nairobi and its environs, 101.9 FM Coast, 93.9 FM Rift Valley, Nyanza and Western regions, 92.0 FM in Nyeri and 95.8 in Meru .

What is the frequency of Milele FM in Nairobi?

Milele FM – FM 93.6 – Nairobi.

Can you get kiss on FM radio?

You can listen to Kiss FM through a variety of methods. For example, you can listen through your TV, DAB digital radio, online and on FM.

How do I get KISS FM on my car radio?

Look for the ‘auto tune’ / ‘retune’ / ‘scan’ or ‘auto scan’ button – press that, and in under 60 secs, you’ll have those KISSTORY anthems going strong once again. If you can’t find the retune button, hit ‘Menu’ and your retune option should be there.

Who owns Kiss FM?

The radio hosts have extended their contracts with KIIS FM (which is owned by ARN — Australian Radio Network) in a deal that will see them remain on air at the station until the end of 2024.

How do I contact KISSTORY?


  1. Phone: KISS studio – 03448 11 22 33.
  2. Text: 64100 starting your message with KISS.
  3. Postal Address: KISS.
  4. Careers:
  5. Press & Media contacts:
  6. How can I advertise on KISS, KISSTORY or KISS Fresh?
  7. How can I send you music?
  8. Please send all music for KISS radio to:

What station is Classic FM in Nairobi?

105.2 FM
Classic 105, 105.2 FM, Nairobi, Kenya.

Where is Hope FM located?

Company Details Hope FM -Head Office is located in Nairobi, Kenya.

What is the rating of Kiss FM in Kenya?

1.7/5 based on 6 reviews. Kiss FM is broadcast radio station in Nairobi, Kenya, providing Top 40 Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rock and Reggae music. An error happened posting the comment, sorry!

What is Kiss 100 FM?

This website operates several radio stations, one of them being Kiss 100 FM. This radio features the best hit songs. Fresh Hits for Nairobi!

What are the radio stations in Nairobi?

Nakuru- 98.1 Fm. Nyeri- 100.1 FM. Nairobi- 100.3 FM. Webuye- 104.7 FM. Contacts. Phone: 0711046100. Facebook: Kiss 100 Kenya. Twitter: Kiss 100 Kenya.

What is the name of the Kiss FM radio station?

KISS 100 FM is an urban FM radio station with a special influence on pop culture, pop music, and a target audience of the urban youth. Kiss provides Top 40 Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rock and Reggae hit music.