What is the frequency response of a Shure SM58?

What is the frequency response of a Shure SM58?

The Shure SM58 is one of the best microphones in its class. Its frequency response (50Hz-15kHz) is tailored to highlight vocals, hence the sloping bass attenuation from 40-100Hz.

Is SM58 better than SM57?

This grille design gives the SM57 a slightly higher output than the SM58 above 5kHz, delivering sharper highs and robust bass. While it can be used as a vocal mic, the SM57 is best suited for recording instruments….The Shure SM57 – Recording Studio Standard.

SM57 SM58
Pop Filter N/A Built In
Weight 10 oz 10.5 oz

Do I need preamp for Shure SM58?

Yes, the SM58 needs a preamplifier, as do all dynamic microphone (and most other microphones for that matter). The audio signal from the microphone is weak, so you need a preamp to boost it to a stronger line level signal.

Are the Shure SM57 and SM58 The Same?

The main difference is in the grille. The SM58 was designed for vocal applications, and therefore uses a ball grille with built in pop filter to eliminate plosives. The SM57 is designed as an instrument microphone, where a smaller grille size is more practical and plosives are less of a concern.

What kind of microphone does Metallica use?

Shure super 55 Dynamic Microphone is typically used by James Hetfield and the boys of the Iconic heavy metal METALLICA. Shure Super 55 is an all time heavy metal band Favorite.

Does the Shure 55 require phantom power?

Phantom power is not required by the Super 55. If phantom is present, the Super 55 will ignore it.

Can you turn an SM58 into an SM57?

Although the SM58 and SM57 are very similar, there is a specific threaded portion of the metal barrel that is missing on the SM57, so the ball screen is not compatible.

Is the SM58 still relevant?

The Shure SM58 is an industry standard, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. It isn’t my “go to microphone” most of the time. When I’m running FoH, the SM57 and Beta57 (and even a few non-Shure mics) get called into service more often than the SM58 for many uses.