What is the importance of Poonjar Palace?

What is the importance of Poonjar Palace?

The Poonjar Palace is a beautiful heritage site located at the Meenachil Taluk in the Kottayam district of Kerala. Stands as a testimony to the glorious regal magnificence of a bygone era, this palace is a wonderful collection of so many antiques and different furniture types.

Why was Poonjar palace built?

The pyramid-like structure was used in ancient houses for a holy look. Moreover, they used to design according to the Vastu Shastra means aesthetic rules and regulations to build a house. Statues of deities had been kept in various corners of the palace as a means of purity.

Who was Manavikrama?

History has it that Manavikrama Kulasekara Perumal, a Pandya king as the sole founder of the dynasty. It was a minor principality in the central Travancore region which covered the parts of present-day Dindigul, Cumbum, Kudallor, Bodinayakkanur, Vandiperiyar, Peerumedu and Kannan Devan hills.

When was Poonjar palace built?

Poonjar Palace is said to have been constructed some 600 years ago and is located in Kottayam district in Kerala. The palace is made out of wood which stands as evidence of richness of the ancient era that includes the traditional architecture as well.

Who is Poonjar MLA?

Poonjar (State Assembly constituency)

Current MLA Sebastian Kulathunkal
Party KC(M)
Alliance LDF
Elected year 2021

Which district is Poonjar?

Kottayam District
POONJAR PALACE | Kottayam District, Government of Kerala | India.

Who is Kottayam thampuran?

Kottayam Thampuran was a chieftain of the principality of Kottayam in northern Kerala when the East India Company started interfering in the affairs of the local rulers. The play opens with a forest scene. In the depth of the wilderness, Kumarakam waterfalls tumble down into a crocodile infested river.

WHO welcomed Vasco da Gama?

Upon his arrival to India, Vasco da Gama was welcomed in Durbar as the ambassador of Portugal by Zamorin, the ruler of Calicut.

Who killed Zamorin?

The Dutch supplanted the Portuguese in the 17th century, who in turn were supplanted by the British. Travancore became the most dominant state in Kerala by defeating the powerful Zamorin of Kozhikode in the battle of Purakkad in 1755….Zamorin.

Zamorin of Calicut
Today part of India

Who is PC George in Kerala?

P. C. George served as the Chief Whip of the Kerala Legislative Assembly from 2011 to 2015, under Kerala Congress (M) party of the UDF government. George later became an independent politician. In 2017, he formed the party Kerala Janapaksham (Secular).

In which district is thodupuzha?

Idukki district
Thodupuzha is the largest town and municipality in Idukki district in the Kerala state of India, spread over an area of 35.43 km2.

Which is the capital of Kottayam?

Kottayam is a city in the Indian state of Kerala. It is located in central Kerala and is also the administrative capital of Kottayam district. Bordered by the lofty and mighty Western Ghats on the east and the Vembanad Lake and paddy fields of Kuttanad on the west, Kottayam is a land of unique characteristics.