What is the job description of a custodian?

What is the job description of a custodian?

A Custodian is responsible for keeping an area clean. They clean businesses, office spaces, warehouses and other indoor areas. Some may also complete outdoor cleaning work, such as sweeping sidewalks, washing windows, mowing grass and shoveling snow.

How much do Bart janitors make?

A BART janitor earned over $276,0. The average janitor earns $26,180 a year. But one San Francisco-based janitor has managed to increase that average tenfold. Liang Zhao Zhang, a BART system service worker, raked in over $275,0, thanks to overtime pay.

How much money does a high school teacher make in a year?

How Much Does a High School Teacher Make? High School Teachers made a median salary of $60,3. The best-paid 25 percent made $77,720 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $47,980.

What is the highest paid high school teacher?

The five highest-paying states for high school teachers:Alaska. Annual mean wage: $82,020.New York. Annual mean wage: $81,410.Connecticut. Annual mean wage: $76,260.New Jersey. Annual mean wage: $75,250.California. Annual mean wage: $74,940. In order to best recruit talented educators, some states are paying up.

How many hours a week does the average teacher work?

55 hours

What is the typical work schedule for a teacher?

When it comes to average work during the school year, we found the same substantive answer as West. We found teachers work an average of 42.2 hours a week as compared to nonteachers working 43.2 hours.

What do first year teachers need?

This is a long list, but you’ll need to make sure you have them all: markers, highlighters, pencils, and pens. Keep special sets just for yourself to use, as many of the classroom supplies will be lost or damaged throughout the busy school year. (Perhaps tuck some away in one of your bins!)

What time do teachers have to be at work?

This means that teachers are required to be at work and on duty for 30 minutes before school starts. In practice this requirement varies between primary and secondary schools and is further explained below.