What is the main idea of Nickel and Dimed?

What is the main idea of Nickel and Dimed?

1. What is the topic? The main idea of Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich demonstrates the complications and the way on how minimum wage workers survived during 1996 in Florida, Maine, and in Minnesota when the welfare reform had an impact on minimum wage.

Which of the following was the main concern of Barbara Ehrenreich’s study in Nickel and Dimed On Not Getting By in America?

Her first and most important concern is housing, and Ehrenreich explains the different problems her fellow Hearthside employees endure in that department. Some live with family or a mate; others live with multiple roommates; and still others live in their cars or rent hotel rooms on a nightly basis.

What was the author’s purpose for writing Nickel and Dimed?

Introduction. The author, journalist and activist Barbara Ehrenreich, states the intent of the book: to work a series of minimum-wage jobs, in order to find out what life is like for America’s lowest-paid citizens.

What is the reaction of Ehrenreich’s coworkers when she confesses who she is and what her research is about?

What is the reaction of Ehrenreich’s coworkers when she confesses who she is and what her research is about? Her announcement attracts little attention. Why, according to Ehrenreich, are want ads unreliable predictors of jobs available?

What is the conclusion of Nickel and Dimed?

Rents are too high and wages too low, Barbara concludes. With the rising numbers of the wealthy, the poor have been forced into more expensive and distant housing—even as the poor often have to work near the rich in service and retail jobs.

What rhetorical devices are used in Nickel and Dimed?

Ehrenreich uses imagery, diction, pathos and logos to strategize her story and make it more appealing to the readers who are higher income people wanting them to understand how difficult low income life can be. Ehrenreich thoroughly illustrates her experience at the Hearthside using a metaphor.

What town did Barbara work in in the article Nickel and Dimed?

Nickel and Dimed opens with Barbara Ehrenreich, a writer and journalist from Key West, Florida, at a lunch with her editor discussing pitches and article ideas.

What did Ehrenreich learn about low wages?

In this chapter Ehrenreich experiences low-wage work in a community that is virtually all-white and English- speaking. She is most surprised to learn that even though there are an abundance of jobs, the wages are the same as in Key West, where fewer jobs are available.

Who is the intended audience for Nickel and Dimed?

The intended audience for this book is anyone, but it is more directed towards low wage workers because they can understand where she is coming from.

What is the conclusion of nickel and dimed?

What was the main focus of the maid’s company for their employees when cleaning?

Barbara’s team puts The Maids’ emphasis on efficiency into practice. All the employees nevertheless seem intent on doing the job the best they can, even as this job, more than the others where Barbara’s worked, seems especially physically grueling.

What were Barbara’s jobs in nickel and dimed?

Although she expects to earn $7 per hour, the first job she lands, as a diner waitress, pays much less, because she will also earn tips. The job requires not only serving tables but also additional work, like cleaning and restocking.