What is the marine traffic?

What is the marine traffic?

The Marine Traffic is a Live Radar system which allows users all around the world to track ships, freighter, cargo ships, tanker ships, human trafficker, liner, passenger ships, SAR (search and rescue helicopter), sports boats, yachts, vessels, cruiser ships and so on.

How much does MarineTraffic cost?

The MarineTraffic service is available to use for free, although a paid version also exists, adding more advance features. MarineTraffic makes use of AIS vessel tracking technology to record 800 million vessel locations each month, while its database also includes information on ships, such as when and where they were built.

How do I search for ships and vessels?

The Marine Traffic also offers to search ships, vessels and so on via harbour or area. If you want to search a specific boat which is leaving the harbour or is currently anchoring, just type in the harbour you’re searching for and you will immediately get to the right location.

Where can I find ship information for marine traffic?

Marine traffic global app will find the point of departure shipping line and ship positions. Marine traffic with vessel finder free app is used to find ship like real ship tracker to view vessel positions all around. Cruise line navigator with live ship radar tracker will show you the ship info for marine tracker but not only marine radar.

What is marine traffic ship offline 2020?

Marine Traffic Ship Offline 2020 displays near real-time positions of Ship Offline s and yachts worldwide. Connected to the largest network of AIS receivers, the app covers most major ports and Ship Offline ping routes. – View VESSELS ON THE LIVE MAP, search for Ship Offline s, boats and seaports and see what’s near you!

Where can I find ship information for marine radar?

Cruise line navigator with live ship radar tracker will show you the ship info for marine tracker but not only marine radar. Live marine traffic map app is here to find marine traffic free. Get live shipping information through sea marine traffic ship finder app. Ultimate and one of the largest merchant-Ship Offline s’ database.

Who uses marine traffic to monitor global fleet?

Moving on to those professionals in the shipping industry, they use it to monitor global fleet not just their ships. We cannot predict when an emergency will arise, having said so, the response teams can also get here reliable situational information and awareness about emergency cases. What Vessel Information is visible through Marine Traffic?

Is it possible to track a ship with the radar?

It’s possible to track ships also with the radar, but it’s very difficult to interpret the data and to determine the exact position and route of the ship. The AIS system is able to display all the data very detailed.

Can I track a vessel on the map?

You can track certain types of a vessel on the map namely cargo crafts, tankers, sailing crafts and yachts, passenger and cruise vessels, high-speed crafts, fishing vessels, military ships, and other vessel or auxiliary aids.