What is the max level Archer Queen for TH10?

What is the max level Archer Queen for TH10?

Max levels of Heroes in TH10 From the table, it can be observed that both the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen have a max level of 40 in Town Hall 10.

What is a good archer queen level?

Queen walk is effective after your queen hits level 20. I personally feel level 30 and above will be more comfortable against a th11 or th12 opponents but anything above level 20 should work.

How long does it take to upgrade Archer Queen to level 10?

Archer Queen

Level Damage per Second Build Time
9 194 0 days 18 hours
10 199 0 days 20 hours
11 204 0 days 22 hours
12 209 1 day

What is the max level Archer Queen for th11?

Max Levels of Heroes in TH11 The max level of the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen is 50. The max level of the Grand Warden is 20.

How long does it take to Max Town Hall 10?

On average, a player would take somewhere around eight to ten months to max Town Hall 10 entirely provided that the player is very active, has four or more builders, and plays Clan War Leagues (CWL) and Clan Games (CG).

At what level can you queen walk?

Queen Walk GoHo

By: [[User:|]]
Town Hall Level: 9
Trophy Level: Any

Should I max TH9 before TH10?

When to go TH10 Many people find maxing walls at TH9 too tedious and are content at level 8 or 9. I pushed to 10 and I can guarantee it is worth it but if you refuse, at least get them to 9. The hit points really do make a difference and can slow heroes and high damage troops significantly.

How much does it cost to Max COC?

According to the Clash of Clans wiki the total cost of upgrading everything is 1,688,882 gems which works out to be $12,068.77. Now that is assuming you have 2,860d 5h 7m to spare because the cost estimate is for build only and does not take into account speeding any of the build times up.

How long does it take to max TH10?

TH10- 6 months apx. to be completely maxed out as the heroes have to be updated to 10 more levels only. TH11- Another 6 months. P.S.- It will take around 4 hours of regular play to complete the game.

How much is Eagle artillery?

The Eagle Artillery is the only defense in the Home Village where only one can be built, not counting the Town Hall’s Giga weapons. The level 5 Eagle Artillery is the most expensive defense in the game, costing 20,000,000 gold (barring Gold Pass discounts).

Should I rush TH10?

You should not rush your Th10 max base. Reasons being: You have put in so much efforts to get TH10 max base so why spoil it? When you rush your base, opponents will most likely score a 3 star on your base.

What does the Archer Queen look like at Level 10?

The Archer Queen goes through visual changes at level 10 and 20. Initially, the Archer Queen is similar to a giant Archer, but with a modified X-Bow, a silver crown, and a green dress. At level 10, her crown becomes golden. At level 20, the stock of her modified X-Bow becomes golden as well.

How do I use the Archer Queen?

The Archer Queen is an immortal unit, so she only has to be summoned once. However, if she is injured or gets defeated in an attack, she must regenerate her health by sleeping for a period of time before she can be used again. The Archer Queen will defend the village whenever she’s not regenerating health from a previous attack.

How long does it take to upgrade the Archer Queen?

The total upgrade time for the Archer Queen to get from level 1 to level 75 is 396 days. When initially released, the Archer Queen cost 40,000 Dark Elixir to summon.

How much damage does the Archer Queen regenerate?

Each successive upgrade of the Archer Queen adds approximately 2.1% health and 2.5% damage, but every five levels add a constant two minutes to her total regeneration time. As a consequence, the Archer Queen’s regeneration rate changes as she levels up.