What is the meaning of amorous encounters?

What is the meaning of amorous encounters?

adj. 1 inclined towards or displaying love or desire. 2 in love.

What is a amorous person?

The definition of amorous is someone or something indicating affection or desire, especially of a sexual nature. A passionate embrace is an example of an amorous embrace.

What are amorous activities?

inclined or disposed to love, especially sexual love: an amorous disposition. showing or expressing love: an amorous letter. of or relating to love: amorous poetry. being in love; enamored: She smiled and at once he became amorous of her.

What is an amorous mood?

Amorous means having strong feelings of love, especially romantic love. This adjective is a Middle English word, borrowed from Middle French, from Medieval Latin amorosus, from Latin amor “love.” A more literary and less common synonym is amatory.

How do you use amorous?

Amorous sentence example

  1. I was getting amorous with my now ex in her bedroom.
  2. Descartes never married, and had little of the amorous in his temperament.
  3. All of this entertainment and outdoor activity can make one feel rather amorous .

Who can you date in amorous?

Amorous is a furry dating game created by Jasonafex and Team Amorous in 2014….The 9 datable characters are:

  • Coby.
  • Dustin.
  • Jax.
  • Lex.
  • Mercy.
  • Remy.
  • Seth.
  • Skye.

What is undistinguishable?

Definitions of undistinguishable. adjective. not capable of being distinguished or differentiated. synonyms: indistinguishable.

What is the origin of amorous?

amorous (adj.) 1300, “in love; inclined to love; sexually attracted,” from Old French amoros “loving, in love; lovely” (13c., Modern French amoureux), from Late Latin amorosum, from Latin amor “love, affection, strong friendly feeling; one’s beloved,” from amare “to love, be in love with; find pleasure in” (see Amy).

What is the synonym of amorous?

1 sensual; passionate. 2 amatory, loving, impassioned; fond, tender. 3 erotic.

How many characters are in amorous?

The game features nine dateable charactersnote A tenth character was planned, but apparently scrapped, all with branching storylines: Jax, Seth, Coby, Skye, Dustin, Mercy, Zenith, Remy, and Lex.

How do you get amorous mercy?

Act 1

  1. Take a seat beside her. Maybe a conversation will start.
  2. Keep talking.
  3. Compliment her.
  4. Flirt submissively.
  5. Ask her to choose.
  6. Cherry Daiquiri is fine.
  7. Flirt forwardly.
  8. Admit your attraction.

What is the difference between indistinguishable and undistinguishable?

As adjectives the difference between undistinguishable and indistinguishable. is that undistinguishable is imperceptible; indistinct while indistinguishable is not distinguishable; not capable of being perceived, known, or discriminated as separate and distinct.