What is the meaning of guilty sentence?

What is the meaning of guilty sentence?

: responsible for committing a crime or doing something bad or wrong. : showing that you know you have done something bad or wrong. : feeling bad because you have done something bad or wrong or because you believe you have done something bad or wrong.

What is the meaning of the word beige?

1 : of a color that is light grayish-yellowish brown : of the color beige a beige skirt. 2 : lacking distinction : vanilla sense 2. Other Words from beige Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About beige.

What is the meaning of most guilty?

/ˈɡɪlti/ (comparative guiltier, superlative guiltiest) more guilty and most guilty are more commonIdioms. feeling ashamed because you have done something that you know is wrong or have not done something that you should have done. Matt and Chrissy both looked equally guilty.

What is the meaning of pleated skirt?

having narrow folds of cloth made by pressing or sewing two parts of the cloth together: a pleated skirt. The pants are beautifully cut and pleated at the waistband. See. pleat.

What is the synonym of guilty?

Some common synonyms of guilty are blamable, blameworthy, and culpable. While all these words mean “deserving reproach or punishment,” guilty implies responsibility for or consciousness of crime, sin, or, at the least, grave error or misdoing.

What is brown yellow called?

▲ A light yellowish-brown color. tan. beige.

What colour is beige?

light brown color
Beige is described as a pale light brown color or a grayish tan with a bit of the warmth of brown and the crisp coolness of white.

What is a mermaid skirt?

mermaid skirt (plural mermaid skirts) A long skirt which is tight-fitting from the waist to below the knees, before flaring out at the bottom.

What is the meaning of Fleat?


Acronym Definition
FLEAT Foreign Language Education and Technology

How do we learn guilt?

Guilt Psychology Guilt is a conditioned emotion. In other words, people are conditioned (they learn) to feel guilty. Certain factors may make it more likely a person experiences chronic or excessive guilt. These factors might include their culture, family, or religious upbringing.

How do you use the word accede in a sentence?

to agree with someone or give in to his or her wish At your insistence and to avoid a prolonged argument, I will accede to your contract terms. The company president made a wise decision to accede to consumer pressure and lower the prices of his goods.

What does it mean to accede to the throne?

2 formal : to enter upon an office or position —usually + to He acceded to the throne [=became king] in 1838. Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym Did you know? Example Sentences Learn More About accede

What does it mean to accede to a tax increase?

Did you know? To accede usually means to yield, often under pressure and with some reluctance, to the needs or requests of others. Voters usually accede to a tax increase only when they’re convinced it’s the only real solution to a shortfall in government funding.

What does it mean to accede to a covenant?

Legal Definition of accede 1 a : to become a party (as to an agreement) by associating oneself with others they were invited to accede to the covenant b : to express approval or give consent the banker asks for collateral. The debtor…accedes, and transfers some of his property — In re Patterson, 139 F. Supp. 830 (1956)