What is the meaning of the French word plus?

What is the meaning of the French word plus?

plus is a negative adverb, meaning “no more” or “not any more” Je ne le veux plus. I don’t want it anymore. Je ne veux plus de beurre.

How do you say Plus Que in French?

Comparative adverb

  1. Plus is the superior comparative adverb, equivalent to more ___ or ___-er.
  2. Par exemple…
  3. Exceptions.
  4. 1) When it’s the last word in a phrase, plus is pronounced [plys].
  5. 2) In plus que, the pronunciation is [ply(s)]
  6. Le plus is the superior superlative adverb, equivalent to most ___ or ___-est.

Do you pronounce s in plus?

The general rule of thumb for plus is fairly easy to remember: when it’s used to mean more of something (plus de…), the “s” is pronounced; when it’s used in a negative sense (ne… plus [no more], non plus [neither]), the “s” is not pronounced: Je ne savais plus qui j’étais.

What is the synonym of plus?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for plus, like: additional, also, added to, increased by, with the addition of, along-with, beneficial,?, together with, in addition to and and.

How do you do le plus que parfait?

The plus‐que‐parfait is the compound form of the imperfect and is formed by using the imperfect of the appropriate helping verb ( avoir or être) + the past participle of the verb. Its English equivalent is “had” + past participle: J’avais mal à l’estomac parce que j’avais trop mangé.

How do you use plus tard?

Every time you are leaving someone, you have to think of when will be the next time you will see this person again. The answer to this question will affect how to say goodbye. If the next time you will see the person is not defined, you can use: À plus tard / À plus / A+ → Later (Undefined)

What is the meaning of plus est en vous?

There Is More In You
The episode’s title is French for “There Is More In You”, also a reference to the pilot; Tangled: Before Ever After. Plus Est En Vous was the original title of the sequel until it was changed to Before Ever After.

Is plus a real word?

Plus can be a preposition, a noun, a conjunction or an adjective.

What’s another word for pro?

What is another word for pro?

seasoned expert
skilled proficient
good capable
crackerjack masterly
able master