What is the meaning of the phrase he was reminded that she was nameless?

What is the meaning of the phrase he was reminded that she was nameless?

What is the meaning of the phrase “He was reminded that she was nameless”? She was “found” and no one knew her parents. Where had Madame Valmont found Desiree for the first time when she was a baby? When the baby’s heritage was questioned, he reverted back to old habits.

What does riveted mean in Desiree’s Baby?

riveted. held a gaze. unwonted. out of ordinary; unaccustomed.

How does the narrator’s description of L ABRI from Madame Valmonde’s point of view develop the mood of the text?

How does the narrator’s description of L’Abri, from Madame Valmonde’s point of view, develop the mood of the text? Madame Valmonde utilizes intimidating and gloomy imagery, heightening the tension in the story.

How did Desiree and Armand fall in love?

How did Armand first fall in love with Desiree? He rode by one day, saw her by a stone pillar, and was smitten. What changes in Armand’s behavior does Desiree notice immediately after her son is born? He is so happy with his son that he has stopped punishing the slaves.

Why do you think La Blanche had that name?

“La Blanche” means “the white one. The name stands for the argument within the story about who is white, Desiree or Armand.

What became of Armand Desiree and their baby?

Désirée and her husband, Armand, are happily married. So content is Armand that he has stopped mistreating his slaves. But when Désirée gives birth to a child who is obviously of mixed racial ancestry, Armand forces her and the child into exile and to a tragic end and becomes more brutal toward his slaves.

What does Quadroon mean in Desiree’s Baby?

Chopin describes the race of the characters in “Desiree’s Baby” with terms of color. She mentions the quadroon boy who is fanning the baby. A quadroon is a person with one-quarter of African ancestry. Basically, the quadroon child has one black grandparent.

What does the name Valmonde mean?

Valmonde is a family name. You cannot translate it. The meaning: probably from val, vallée – valley and monde: the world. The valley of the world, if you like. Maya Jurt.

Why did Madame Valmonde shudder at the sight of L ABRI?

Answer: Madame Valmonde had not seen Desiree and the baby for four weeks. When she reached L’Abri she shuddered at the first sight of it, as she always did.

What is the relationship between Madame Valmonde and désirée quizlet?

Madame Valmonde is the stepmother of Desiree. When she visits her stepdaughter and her baby, she notices that her grandson looks different than the last time she saw him. It is apparent that Desiree does not see anything wrong with the baby, so she does not tell her anything.

How did Desiree first learn her baby was not white?

How does Desiree first learn that her baby is not completely white? Desiree compares her baby with the mixed-race son of her maid, La Blanche. After prolonged investigation, the narrator decided that by daylight, the wallpaper resembles “an interminable string of toadstools” (799).

What is the race of Armand’s mother?

Q: Are there clues in the story to show Armand might have known he was of African American descent? A: He is of mixed race, but he is not African American, if by that you mean someone who is a descendant of Africans brought to America as slaves. His mother was French.

What is the meaning of beneficent?

1 : doing or producing good a beneficent policy especially : performing acts of kindness and charity a beneficent leader. 2 : beneficial beneficent bacteria.

What does the poem a most beneficent work mean?

A most beneficent work was set on foot in the foundation of Charity Schools. Perhaps, too, I may be called to effect so beneficent a work, the humble instrument of a gracious God. The poem was simple and optimistic—it told of the beneficent qualities of rain, as it would appear to one whose roof did not leak.

What is the difference between beneficent and altruistic acts?

Where she is magnificently beneficent, she always works gratis. The nature of bioethics is to be respectful, beneficent, just, and inclusive. In contrast to beneficent acts, however, altruistic acts are optional rather than obligatory. Both beneficent and altruistic acts are other-regarding.

What is the dream of the beneficent power elite?

The dream of a beneficent power elite is just that. With the advent of ‘ our beneficent rule ‘, however, subjects were freed from ‘ the most onerous ‘ of their traditional obligations to the chief, namely military service. The founding evangelists shared this trust in the beneficent effect of trade.