What is the message of American Born Chinese?

What is the message of American Born Chinese?

American Born Chinese, by Gene Yeng, is a graphic novel that grapples with themes, or main ideas, of friendship, identity, and personal transformation by weaving together three stories.

What name does Wei Chen call Jin?

cowardly turtle
The Best Friend He’s honest, like when he calls Jin “a cowardly turtle” (5.22) for not volunteering with Amelia to take care of the animals in biology class after school.

Who is Chin-Kee?

Chin-Kee: Chin-Kee is a startling caricature of negative Chinese stereotypes. He is Danny’s larger-than-life Chinese cousin who, to Danny’s embarrassment, comes to visit every year.

Why does Chin-Kee come to visit Danny?

So Chin-Kee’s main purpose isn’t just to make us cringe and confront our own racist stereotypes about Chinese people; he’s really in the book to force Danny to become his true self, Chinese American Jin.

Why did Gene Yang write American Born Chinese?

Yang provides much of his reason for writing American Born Chinese through his website’s blog. Yang recalls the way in which he discovered one of his childhood drawings, Cousin Chin-Kee, and how he developed the character to be the crazy character he is.

Which themes does American Born Chinese most closely discuss?

American Born Chinese explores themes around identity, stereotypes, friendship, and self-acceptance through these three (ultimately intertwined) story threads.

Why does Jin kiss Suzy Chinese born?

Suzy confides in Jin that their classmates’ racism makes her feel somewhat embarrassed about being Asian all the time, which leads Jin to kiss Suzy without her permission. Being a self-possessed and confident individual, Suzy punches Jin in the face for this transgression.

What is Danny’s internal conflict?

Danny doesn’t want to be comfortable with his Chinese self—that’s the whole point of his character. He’s white on the outside for a reason; validating his Chinese origins (through Chin-Kee, through self-acceptance) would make it impossible for him to continue the fantasy of being white.

What does hair symbolize in American Born Chinese?

Both shoes and hair represent the folly of trying to be something other than one’s true identity.

Which person is the best example of a round character from American Born Chinese?

True or False: Chin-Kee is a good example of a round character. (Chin-Kee is not complicated at all, and he doesn’t appear to change. In fact, he’s a complete stereotype.)

Why is Chin-Kee The Monkey King?

Chin-Kee represents a very stereotypical image of a Chinese person. Yang writes him as more of a caricature than a realistic person. He speaks with an exaggerated accent called ”Chinglish” and is very loud. He is actually the Monkey King in disguise.

Why does Jin like Amelia Harris?

A blond girl who goes to school with Jin beginning in third grade, but whom Jin only begins to take notice of her when they’re in seventh grade. Amelia wears overalls over a tank top that reveals her bare shoulders, which excites Jin and triggers an intense crush on her.