What is the moral of the story The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

What is the moral of the story The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

The moral lessons learned in this book are a guideline to children to listen to your elders, follow the rules, and also gives the life lesson of being a loyal friend.

Who was Tom Sawyer’s girlfriend?

Judge Thatcher has a daughter, Becky, who was Tom’s girlfriend in Tom Sawyer and whom Huck calls “Bessie” in this novel.

What happens in Chapter 24 of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 24: Splendid Days and Fearsome Nights At night, however, he is tormented by visions of Injun Joe coming to kill him. Injun Joe has vanished, despite the town’s and a detective’s best efforts to locate and capture him.

What happened in chapter 19 of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 19: The Cruelty of “I Didn’t Think” Harper that Tom’s dream was a fake and that he came home one night and spied on them. Aunt Polly scolds him for making her look like a fool in front of Mrs. Harper and then asks why he came home but still did nothing to relieve everyone’s sorrow.

How Tom whitewashed the fence question answer?

e) Tom had to whitewash the fence, he escaped doing it by trading the work with other children for their things. He played with the things he got and ate the food he got. He tricked the other children to make them pay for the privilege to whitewash the fence.

What does it mean to Tom Sawyer someone?

To convince someone to volunteer
To convince someone to volunteer, especially to do something which one should do oneself.

How did Tom make Becky jealous?

When she arrives, he ignores her and pours special attention on Amy Lawrence. As Tom did earlier, Becky now tries to get Tom’s attention by showing off, by inviting other children to her picnic. As Tom continues to ignore her, Becky decides to make Tom jealous and she seeks out the company of Alfred Temple.

Does Becky like Tom Sawyer?

Becky Thatcher Rebecca “Becky” Thatcher is Judge Thatcher’s daughter, known for being Tom Sawyer’s love interest. Her long blonde hair is always worn in braids. She wins Tom’s love from the first moment he sees her. When she first encounters Tom, she gives him a purple pansy to show her love.

What happens in Chapter 21 of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

As Dobbins is drawing a map of the United States on the blackboard, one of the boys lowers a cat from the ceiling; said cat grabs onto the schoolmaster’s wig, revealing his bald head…which has, somehow, been gilded by the sign-painter’s boy. The boys get their revenge, and school’s out for summer.

What happens in Chapter 25 in Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 25: Seeking the Buried Treasure One day Tom has a desire to hunt for buried treasure. When they arrive, they discuss what they would do with the treasure. Huck plans to spend it all on pie and soda, and Tom decides that he would get married, an idea that Huck finds absurd.

What happened in Chapter 17 of Tom Sawyer?

The proceedings are interrupted when Tom, Joe, and Huck walk into the church, which was the secret plan that Tom had told to the other two boys back on the island. Tom and Joe’s families sweep the two of them up in their joy at finding them alive, while Huck is ignored.

How did Tom feel when Aunt Polly asked him to whitewash the fence?

Ans. Tom was punished because he struck a boy and rolling and tumbling in the mud. For his mistake, Aunt Polly asked him to whitewash the fance the following day. Tom made his friends feel like whitewashing was an exciting task.

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