What is the most expensive town to live in in Massachusetts?

What is the most expensive town to live in in Massachusetts?


What can you do for free in Massachusetts?

  • Cape Cod National Seashore. 625. Beaches.
  • Mohawk Trail. Scenic Drives. by GAlsager.
  • Freedom Trail. 17,346. Historic Walking Areas.
  • Harvard University. 3,133. Historic Sites • Universities & Schools.
  • Fishermen’s Memorial Monument. 818.
  • Commercial Street. 2,262.
  • Cape Cod Rail Trail. 442.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1,044.

Is Hingham a rich town?

Many of the state’s wealthiest towns are located in the suburban area around Boston….Incorporated Cities and Towns.

Municipality Hingham
County Plymouth
Per capita income $60,770
Median household income $106,854
Median family income $142,820

What is the best time of year to visit Martha Vineyard?

As any Martha’s Vineyard travel guide will tell you, the best time to visit the island is from May until September, when the Atlantic Ocean ensures temperatures around the low 70s and rarely above 90 degrees.

What’s the richest town in Massachusetts?

Last year, the data showed that Wellesley was the wealthiest place in Massachusetts. Now, with an estimated median household income of $188,908, Wellesley is in second place behind Dover.

Is Cape Cod or Nantucket better?

Cape Cod is much bigger than Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, so if you aren’t drawn to the idea of staying on a small island, Cape Cod may be your best bet. No two towns are the same! Because Cape Cod is much more accessible, it tends to get the most crowded.

What is the nicest town in Cape Cod?


How long is ferry from NYC to Martha’s Vineyard?

5 hours

What celebrities live on Martha’s Vineyard?

They now join a long list of high-profile people, like Jackie Kennedy and 60 Minutes anchor Mike Wallace, who have called the island home. Martha’s Vineyard is also a popular vacation spot among the wealthy — Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry David have all been spotted spending time there.

What is considered rich in Boston?

Boston residents say it takes more than $2.5 million to be considered wealthy, according to the Charles Schwab report. Charles Schwab this week released its 2018 Modern Wealth Index, which looks at how Americans across the country are managing their money and investing for the future.

What is considered low income in Mass?

100% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines

Family Size Annual Monthly
1 $12,880 $1,073
2 $17,420 $1,452
3 $21,960 $1,830
4 $26,500 $2,208

What is the cheapest city to live in Massachusetts?

The Most Affordable Places To Live In Massachusetts

Rank City Population
1 Palmer Town 12,237
2 Westfield 41,449
3 Pittsfield 42,766
4 Chicopee 55,421

What is the cheapest way to get to Martha’s Vineyard?

The cheapest way to travel on to the Island is to take the Steamship Authority (SSA) ferry which departs from Woods Hole in Falmouth multiple times a day.

Is Martha’s Vineyard expensive?

At a total cost of $3,661, Martha’s Vineyard is the most expensive destination on the TripIndex. The Vineyard is nearly three times pricier than Palm Springs, Calif., the most affordable spot on the list. A vacation to Palm Springs would cost a family of four about $1,256, according to the survey.

Is 60k a good salary in Boston?

Living here on 60k is doable, although if you want to live in the city proper, you may need to have a roommate or two. Depending on your existing bills (car, loans, etc. etc.) you could find an “affordable” place around the 95 belt (highway that skirts around Boston) and live decent without an awful commute.

What is the poorest town in Massachusetts?


Why is Nantucket so expensive?

There is very little supply – it is just over 100 square miles in size. The limited supply, and the high demand, make the real estate prices very high. For these reasons, in a recent report on the Short-Term Rental market that I helped put together, Nantucket a. In short, Supply and Demand.

Is Nantucket snobby?

Both islands, of course, are summer paradises of great natural beauty. They are also very expensive, very exclusive, and very preppy. Nantucket, the broad-brush argument goes, is just more extreme in all categories. In other words, many Vineyarders say, “snobby.

Can you get around Martha’s Vineyard without a car?

It’s true, Martha’s Vineyard is an Island located off the south shores of Cape Cod. With no bridge or connected road, you can’t drive here, so travel via air or sea is the only way to arrive. For those planning to take a ferry, the option of taking your car over is available only through the Steamship Authority.

Is there a ferry from NYC to Martha’s Vineyard?

Yes, Seastreak offers multiple connections to and from Martha’s Vineyard via New Bedford and NYC.

How much does it cost to take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard?

The passenger fare for adults costs $8.50 USD one-way. Children under 4 years old are free and children under 13 cost $4.50 one-way. For more information on ferry fares to Martha’s Vineyard, visit Steamship Authority.

Which is better Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard?

While both islands are small, (Nantucket is smaller), Martha’s Vineyard has six towns, compared to Nantucket’s one. The lay of the land makes a difference too. Martha’s Vineyard is half-flat, and part hilly which makes for a great hideaway. On the other hand, everything can be seen from the road on Nantucket.

Where can I raise a family in Massachusetts?

Best Towns to Raise Families in Massachusetts

  • Amherst. Amherst is in Hampshire County and has a population of 40,000 people.
  • Bedford. Bedford is an American historical hub located in Middlesex County.
  • Springfield. Springfield is the third largest city in Massachusetts.
  • Lexington.
  • Brookline.
  • Medford.
  • Hull.
  • North Adams.

What is the most common job in Massachusetts?

Top 100 Jobs Relatively More Common in Massachusetts Than Elsewhere

Rank Job Local Popularity Index
1 Nuclear technicians 27.7
2 Oral and maxillofacial surgeons 19.5
3 Psychiatric aides 7.3
4 Biomedical engineers 7.2

Is Nantucket expensive?

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts is the most expensive vacation-home county in the U.S. In the county, which consists of three small islands including Nantucket, Tuckernuck and Muskeget, 55.5% of homes are vacation homes. And the median sales price was over $1 million in 2018.

What can I do with my girlfriend in Boston?

Romantic Things to Do in Boston

  • Walk in the Public Garden & Boston Common. There’s something about simply walking together that is super romantic.
  • Sip Wine.
  • Sail on a Brunch Cruise.
  • Attend the Symphony.
  • Relax With a Couples Spa Treatment.
  • Visit Boston’s Aquarium.
  • Explore Boston’s Museums.
  • Get Your Sam On.

What is the richest town in Cape Cod?

Top Five Towns for Investors on the Cape and Islands

  • Martha’s Vineyard. With approximately 15,000 permanent residents and nearly 100,000 summer residents, the Vineyard is one of the most affluent on the East Coast.
  • Chatham. Located in Cape Cod, the town of Chatham is a living dream.
  • Nantucket.
  • Sandwich.
  • Barnstable.