What is the most played tank in WoT?

What is the most played tank in WoT?

According to vbaddict, World of Tanks Statistics – Frequency of occurrence , the most popular tank by far is the Scorpion G in all servers, followed by the T-34–85M.

What is a good WN8?

According to wot info, an average player is yellow, 650-899. But if you discount players with a few thousand games who only dabbled in Wot, I would consider an average player to be green, around 1100 Wn8.

How many active World of Tanks players are there?

Max XP

Statistics were collected on: 14.02.2022
New players registered this month: 11 808 (0.115%)
Number of active play per weeks(error about 5%) 130 550 (1.269%)
Players who played more than 500 grand battles battles 205 921 (3.94%)
Players who played more than 500 clan battles 143 918 (4.27%)

Is World of Tanks famous?

World of Tanks has been around for over a decade, but the free-to-play military MMO is still a favourite among fans. Not only does the game have over 160 million players roaming its battlefields, but it also receives regular updates that keep it feeling as fresh as it did ten years ago.

How many players play wot blitz?

World of Tanks Blitz

Month Avg. Players Peak Players
March 2021 17,870.1 36,881
February 2021 18,714.4 36,904
January 2021 19,491.5 42,806
December 2020 22,343.3 48,471

What are the weakest spots on a tank?

Most tanks therefore have most of their armor concentrated towards the front turret and front hull. Generally speaking, the weakest part of a tank tends to be the roof, rear engine deck and floor, as illustrated in the example below.

Where is the weakest armor on a tank?

Of course – the armor still is strongest on the front, and weakest on the back and top. The same physical laws still apply, a tank with strong armor all around would be too heavy to move.

What is my wot WN8?

Win rate WN8 Rating
48% to 49% 650 to 899
50% to 51% 900 to 1199
52% to 53% 1200 to 1599
54% to 55% 1600 to 1999

What is good WN8 in WOT console?

WN8 is essentially a number that represents an account’s skill, with zero being a terribly unskilled player and 2450+ being one of the best players. This number fluctuates as you play, with the main goal being to try and accurately assess your skill level.

Is Wot offline?

From its beginning, World of Tanks has always focused on online multiplayer. Outside of offline training missions and some limited player vs. … Every week, the World of Tanks servers undergo their scheduled maintenance at 11:00 (UTC) for roughly 45 minutes on Monday and Thursdays.