What is the paint code for billet silver?

What is the paint code for billet silver?

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This item Mopar Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram PSC Billet Silver Metalic Touch Up Paint OEM Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram(9598) PW7 Bright White Touch Up Paint Mopar OEM
Price $1525 $15.25$15.25
Sold By Metro 24 Wholesale, Inc. Northern Lights Auto Supply
Color SILVER White

What color is billet metallic?

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Paint Type Spray
Color Silver
Unit Count 5 Ounce
Finish Type Metallic
Size 5 Ounce (Pack of 1)

What is paint code PSC?

Chrysler Automotive: Billet Silver – Paint Code PSC.

What color is billet metallic clearcoat?


Int. Color Black
Ext. Color Billet Silver Metallic Clearcoat
Body Sport Utility
Trans Automatic
Mileage 77934

What color is granite crystal metallic clearcoat?

Granite Crystal Metallic – 50 Shades of Grey.

What is billet metallic?

Billet metal is a solid length (often in a square or circle profile) of material that has been extruded into shape, either by continuous casting or hot rolling. Billet material is often used in cnc machining.

What color is granite metallic?

What color is Maximum Steel Metallic Clearcoat?

Premium Member The Maximum Steel is a very dark gray/light black pearlcoat that looks dark gray if the vehicle is dirty or if it is overcast or dark outside.

What is billet material?

A billet is a small, semi-finished piece of metal that is rectangular, circular, or square in shape. It is a semi-finished casting product that needs further processing before becoming finished goods. Billets are also known as bar stock.

What is billet machining?

Billet Manufacturing Billets are produced by continuous casting or hot rolling methods. Once they are in their initial form and size, they are generally shaped into the final part form and size through machining methods (e.g., CNC machining), which means excess material is removed from the workpiece.

What is granite crystal color?

The Granite Crystal is a magnificent color, massive lovely flake and its grey is ever changing with a beautiful bronze tinge.

What does granite Crystal look like?

Granites are most easily characterized as light colored and coarse grained as a result of cooling slowly below the surface. The crystals in granite provide a variety of mixed colors — feldspar (pink or red), mica (dark brown or black), quartz (clear pink, white, or black) and amphibole (black).