What is the purpose of a stabilization wedge?

What is the purpose of a stabilization wedge?

The “stabilization wedges” concept is a simple tool for convey- ing the emissions cuts that can be made to avoid dramatic cli- mate change. We consider two futures – allowing emissions to double versus keeping emissions at current levels for the next 50 years (Figure 3).

What are the 7 stabilization wedges?

The Keystone Center has deemed the Stabilization Wedge Game to fulfill the following National Education Standards: S1, S6, LA4, LA5, C4, C5, E1, G1, G5, and WH9. The American Association for the Advancement of Science hosted a conference for educators at the Hilton in San Francisco 2007-02-18.

What exactly are climate stabilization wedges?

Climate stabilization wedges are defined as strategies that contribute to greenhouse-gas (GHG) mitigation that – in aggregate – achieve a particular goal. Wedges have been proposed as a GHG mitigation framework because no single technology or economic sector can sufficiently reduce emissions to acceptable levels.

How many stabilization wedges are there?

A combination of strategies will be needed to build the eight wedges of the stabilization triangle.

What are the stabilization wedges that could help flatten or reduce our co2 emissions?

What are the stabilization wedges that could help flatten or reduce our CO 2 emissions? -Energy conservation, and a switch to renewable fuels (vehicle fuel efficiency, relying less on vehicles, insulation, lighting, and appliances).

What is the wedge theory?

The analysis formulated by Coulomb in 1776 of the force tending to overturn a retaining wall. Its basis is the weight of the wedge of earth that will slide forward if the wall fails.

What is an emission wedge?

A carbon emission wedge is defined as emission of 25 Gigatons (25 billion metric tons) of carbon over 50 years, shaped as a wedge that starts at zero in 2010 and grows steadily to 1 Gigaton of Carbon emission per year (GtC/y) in 2060.

What is carbon mitigation?

Carbon mitigation offers businesses and organizations a way to keep having a positive environmental impact, even after they have exhausted efficiency gains. This carbon credit is then applied elsewhere to compensate for activities that release carbon into the atmosphere, also known as Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG).

What is climate stabilization?

Climate stabilization is important for the safety and security of Earth’s species. Ecosystem protection, management, and carbon sequestration strategies help slow the current rate of changing climate averages and variability, buffering humans from the negative aspects of such change.

What is a climate stabilization wedge Why is it an important concept quizlet?

Why is it an important concept? Climate stabilization wedge is breaking down a major problem into smaller pieces to start breaking down the problem of carbon emissions; the goal is to start small, and have the impact of the smaller pieces grow to make larger wedges in the upcoming years.

What is wedge project?

The Wedge Strategy is a creationist political and social action plan authored by the Discovery Institute, the hub of the pseudoscientific intelligent design movement. Its goal is to change American culture by shaping public policy to reflect politically conservative fundamentalist evangelical Protestant values.

Which theory of wedge is based on population?

The subsistence theory of wages, advanced by David Ricardo and other classical economists, was based on the population theory of Thomas Malthus.