What is the rarest classic Mini?

What is the rarest classic Mini?

Early Mk1 Minis are the rarest, as well as the most expensive of the non-Cooper models.

What is the classic Mini Cooper color?

MINI Cooper Colors: Hardtop 2-Door & 4-Door Pepper White. Rooftop Grey Metallic. MINI Yours Enigmatic Black Metallic. British Racing Green IV Metallic.

How many classic Minis are left?

There are reportedly 8,176 original Minis still doing their thing, compared with 3,262 Mini Metros. The survey paints a sad picture for certain models. There is, for instance, just one Austin Mini 850 Van and three of the Mini SPL variety left in existence.

How many Minis did Paul Smith make?

Five million Minis were produced between the revolutionary little car’s launch in 1959 and the end of production in 2000 – but individuality has never been a problem as there’s never been any lack of choice between different models produced over the years.

What is the most popular Mini Cooper color?

So start the drum-rolls, here are the two most popular MINI colors sold both globally and in the US: Chili Red and BRG.

What is the best Colour for a Mini Cooper?

Best Mini Colour

  • Black. Votes: 21 14.8%
  • Cream. Votes: 14 9.9%
  • Red. Votes: 32 22.5%
  • Yellow. Votes: 8 5.6%
  • Silver. Votes: 4 2.8%
  • Dark Silver. Votes: 23 16.2%
  • Racing Green. Votes: 8 5.6%
  • Light Blue. Votes: 10 7.0%

What is the rarest Mini Cooper?

Cooper S JCW WC50
With just one car for each state, the Cooper S JCW WC50 will be the rarest Mini model ever offered in the U.S. There is no word as to which dealers will be taking delivery, but we can expect the biggest Mini-acs to quickly whip out their checkbooks.

How many classic Mini sidewalks were made?

This site is mainly about the Sidewalk, but will be featuring other minis and other classics cars. The “Sidewalk” was produced by Rover between 1994-1996 and most were registered on an “N”. There was only 1000 produced making them a limited edition.

How many Mini camdens were made?

Bottom lineā€”it is hard to tell if it is worth the extra $5K for the Camden edition, but with only 50 being made, we are sure MINI can sell them. The question is, what will they pull out of there customization hat next?