What is the rarest Happy Meal toy?

What is the rarest Happy Meal toy?

The most expensive Happy Meal toys are TY’s Teenie Beanie Boos. The toys are similar to their Beanie Baby cousins and were included in McDonald’s Happy Meals on June 13, 2000. Over the years, they’ve become increasingly desirable among collectors.

How much is a McDonald’s Happy Meal 2021?

McDonald’s Menu Prices & Calories 2022

McDonald’s Burgers Meals include Medium Fries & Drink Large Meal Upgrade for $0.80
Big Mac $4.89
Hamburger – Happy Meal $3.69
4pc Chicken McNuggets – Happy Meal $3.99
6pc Chicken McNuggets – Happy Meal $4.49

What’s inside a Happy Meal Philippines?

Another McDonald’s world famous icon, the red smile box of Happy Meal was brought in the Philippines in 1997. Each Happy Meal comes with one of your favorites from McDonald’s – Burger McDo, Chicken McDo, McSpaghetti or 4pc Chicken McNuggets meal and a toy offering that differs almost every month!

What is McDonald’s giving in their Happy Meal?

McDonald’s Hamburger Happy Meal includes a juicy hamburger with kid-sized World Famous Fries and apple slices. Then pick a kid’s drink: 1% Low Fat Milk Jug, reduced sugar* chocolate milk, DASANI® Water or Honest Kids® Appley Ever After® Organic Juice Drink.

Where is McDonald’s most expensive?

Worth a fortune: According to a recent study by Expensivity, the world’s most expensive McDonald’s item is Lebanon’s Grand Chicken Special ($27.19). The most expensive Happy Meal ($21.89) and Big Mac ($21.89) can also be found in Lebanon, apparently because of the price inflation in the country.

Are Old McDonald toys worth money?

Across the range of the 2021 McDonald’s Pokémon cards, the prices have included a respectable $15 to $20, with some lucky cases breaking $100. If you’re lucky enough to have old Happy Meal toys lying around, it might be worth trying to sell them on eBay — especially if they’re Pokémon cards.

How much is a Mcdonalds Happy Meal?

McDonald’s Menu Prices and Price List UK 2022

McDonald’s Prices UK
McPlant 3.39
Veggie Dippers Happy Meal 2.59
Veggie Dippers 3.39
The Spicy Veggie One 2.99

Can you buy Happy Meal toys?

Customers do have the option to buy McDonald’s toys, even if you don’t purchase a Happy Meal. A lot of adults still go to McDonald’s to purchase certain toys, although discretion lies with the manager on whether or not to allow such purchases.

How much is a Happy Meal in McDo Philippines?

McDo Happy Meal Menu The one-piece Chicken McDo with a side of fries (₱151.00) is a popular Happy Meal choice, while the 4pc Chicken Nuggets Happy Meal (₱144.00) remain among the best picks for kids.

What are PDPS in Mcdonalds?

1.7 Million orders were placed for my seasonal themed PDP (Premium Distribution Program). They were for the European market so there could not be any language on them and they needed to incorporate the “Happy” character (he is a Happy Meal box come to life!).

Is McDonalds discontinuing Happy Meal toys?

McDonald’s Is Phasing Out Plastic Toys From Happy Meals In A Push To Be More Green. McDonald’s says it will phase out most plastic from its Happy Meals by 2025. The benefits of the change will be equivalent to more than 650,000 people not using any plastic for a year, the company said.

Does McDonald’s have a breakfast menu in the Philippines?

Being one of the largest restaurant chains in the Philippines, McDonald’s has to constantly updated and change their menu so their customers don’t get bored. Here are some photos of that latest menu at their stores: The breakfast menu at McDonalds runs from 3:50am to 10:20am, and serves classics such as hotcakes and hash browns, and many more.

How much does McDo cost in the Philippines?

Here is the latest McDo menu with updated prices: Menu Item Price Cheesy Burger McDo (Medium) [3] ₱116.00 McCrispy Chicken Sandwich (Small) [4] ₱96.00 McCrispy Chicken Sandwich (Medium) [4] ₱116.00 Cheeseburger Deluxe (Small) [5] ₱124.00

What is the best thing to get in a McDonald’s Happy Meal?

The one-piece Chicken McDo with a side of fries is a popular Happy Meal choice, while Chicken Nuggets remain among the best picks for kids. Other options include the Cheesy Burger McDo or the McSpaghetti and, earlier in the day, breakfast Happy Meals can come with the Cheesy Eggdesal, Hotcakes, and Chicken and Hashbrowns.

How much is a Big Mac at McDonalds in the Philippines?

Sometimes, they also have online exclusive deals wherein you can get a bundle of five Big Mac ala Carte for Php 645 and a bundle of five McFlurry ala Carte for Php 390! They have constantly have promos nationwide so it’s hard to keep track of them all. But hey, if there’s a new McDonalds promo that we see, we’ll inform you!