What is the return side of a desk?

What is the return side of a desk?

A right or left return is determined by where the return is positioned in relation to your body while you are seated at the main desk. In other words, when you are seated at the main desk, a left return will be at your left side and a right return will be at your right.

What is the return on al shaped desk?

The “return” is the wing portion of an L-shaped desk, named so because of the connection to manual typewriters (carriage return). Left and right sides are determined by the perspective of the person sitting at the main desk at both a L- or U-shaped desk.

What is a return bridge desk?

The “return” is the “wing” portion of an L-shaped desk. In this case the smaller desk attached to the main desk is called a bridge. It also connects to the credenza behind you to form a “U”. If you are sitting at the main desk and the bridge is at your left, then you have a left bridge U-shaped desk.

What makes a desk an executive desk?

An executive desk is wider and deeper than a pedestal desk, has full pedestals that go all the way to the floor, and has a full modesty panel between the pedestals at the back of the desk. Executive desks also have two file drawers, while a pedestal desk may have only one file drawer or none at all.

What’s the best minimum size for a desk return?

Minimum Desk Dimensions

  • Minimum width – 24 inches (61cm) per person (although an economy airline tray table is about 18 inches wide!)
  • Minimum depth clearance at knee level – 18 inches (46cm)
  • Minimum depth clearance at foot level – 24 inches (61cm)
  • Minimum height clearance at foot level – 4 inches (10cm)

What is reversible desk?

A fully reversible return means the return can be set up on either the left or right side or the desk to accommodate any user. The hutch on this L-desk includes four hinged doors for concealed storage and a rubbed strip that provides wire management.

What does executive desk mean?

Executive desks are commonly used in large offices with ample space to spare. Executive desks are typically made up of a single work surface that is situated in the center of the office, but executive L-desks and executive U-desks also exist for those who find themselves in need of more space.

What size is an executive desk?

60 x 30 x 30 inches
The typical executive desk starts at 60 x 30 x 30 inches (W x D x H) (152 x 76 x 76cm). There really isn’t a standard size. That’s a good thing because it means you can use different widths and depths and heights to meet your needs, while fitting in to the space you have available for your home office floor plan.

What side of the desk should your phone be on?

If you have a landline phone on your desk, place it on your dominant side toward the back of your desk. That way, you don’t have to reach across your body to pick it up. If you don’t have a landline phone on your desk, use that space to set up a charging station for your mobile phone or tablet.

What size desk do I need for 2 monitors?

And here’s the right answer: The desk should be 55” wide and 25” deep to set up two monitors or even bigger if you want to set up three monitors. The desk that has 60” or bigger size will be long enough to hold computer peripherals and many desk accessories comfortably.

What is a reversible corner desk?

The Wheaton Reversible Corner Desk provides a flexible work area with a reversible pedestal that can be configured for both left or right-handed preferences. Reversible pedestal can be placed on the right or left side of the desk. Open storage cubby offers easy access to supplies and frequently used items.

What is the most expensive executive desk ever sold?

– Eden House is believed to have been sold for £31million, which makes it the record property sale on Jersey – The property recently became the subject of a bidding war between two wealthy interested parties – The building features an open-plan living room, a hot tub, an infinity pool and several entertaining rooms

What is the best minimum size for a desk return?

Desk. There are so many types of desks you can choose from.

  • Chair (s) I spent the most money on my office chair because I want to be comfortable and sit ergonomically.
  • Filing cabinet (s) While I don’t have a lot to file,I do have accounting and legal documents that I need to hold on to for a few years
  • Where to buy executive desk?

    Rustic: Made from recycled,aged wood,a rustic design is quite durable.

  • Contemporary: Contemporary executive desk designs can improve the aesthetic look of an office.
  • Transitional: An executive desk with a transitional look will have contemporary features alongside a traditional look.
  • What is a desk with left return?

    The fingers that actually make a proper “L” is your left! An L-shaped desk with a “left-handed return” will have the main desk portion in front of you, with the return on your left. Usually, the return has a file / file pedestal (drawers large enough for hanging files).