What is the role of a department chair in high school?

What is the role of a department chair in high school?

Under the direction of the school principal, the department chairperson’s primary role is to provide instructional leadership, support, and assistance to all teachers in the department. The chairperson visits classrooms to ensure the integrity of curriculum and the delivery of instruction.

What is the role of school plan chair?

According to the National Association of Independent Schools, a primary function of a school department’s chair is serving as spokesman and liaison among students, faculty and school administration.

How do you become a good department chair in high school?

Advice for Department Chairs: Six Steps for Building a Healthy Department

  1. Set strategic goals.
  2. Encourage faculty contributions.
  3. Build on individual faculty members’ strengths and minimize their weaknesses.
  4. Work closely with alumni, friends, and advisory boards.
  5. Engage students.
  6. Look beyond the department.

Who is the head of department of mathematics?

There are total 09 faculty members in the Department, with 01 Professors & Head, Dr. Padmaja Venugopal, 02 Associate Professor, 06 Assistant Professor, 01 non-technical staff and 01 attender. Is envisaging to become world’s foremost technical school fostering intellectual excellence.

What are the responsibilities of a department chair?

Department chairs are responsible for all tasks supporting shared governance, from shaping the department mission and building consensus around department goals to conducting department meetings and implementing long-range department programs, plans, goals, and policies.

Why do I want to be a department chair?

Those who expressed the altruistic need to help the department stated that they “desired to help other faculty members,” “wanted to build a strong academic department,” or “needed to help develop a new program in the department.” Others, more personally motivated sought the chair position because the “needed a chal- …

What is the responsibility of a department chair?

What does the chair of the department do?

Department Chair Overview Department chairs work as professors who also perform administrative duties. They set the department curriculum, interview potential new professors, manage faculty schedules, settle faculty and student disputes, and sometimes oversee research.

What are the qualities of a good department chair?

Demonstration of leadership and administrative acumen in role as department chair/school director. Displays outstanding leadership qualities (e.g., proactive and positive; able to make difficult decisions; delegates when appropriate; manages conflict effectively).

What is DU in maths?

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Is applied maths allowed in DU?

RELATED NEWS. New Delhi: Applied Mathematics offered by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Class 11 and Class 12 is a regular subject and it can be used for calculating aggregate marks for undergraduate admissions, other than ‘pure sciences’, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has said.

What is the difference between a department head and a department chair?

Historically heads have been more administratively oriented while chairs have leaned more toward faculty determination in setting the academic direc- tion of a department. The role of department chair is not one of being either an administrator or one of the faculty involved in shared governance. It must be both.