What is the SLA Conference?

What is the SLA Conference?

The SLA Annual Conference is the premier event for information professionals who want to develop essential skills, network with colleagues, explore noteworthy trends in knowledge and information management, and access leading information product and service providers at the INFO-EXPO.

Where is the headquarters SLA in India?

The Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres (IASLIC) was founded in 1955. It is a registered society with headquarters located in Kolkata.

What is the difference between public library and special library?

As public libraries are supported by tax dollars, staff are required to serve all members of the public; special librarians are under no such obligation, and while some welcome the public (typically government agencies and not-for-profit organizations), a great many others are not open to the general public.

What do museum librarians do?

It involves everything from answering questions at the reference desk about works in the Museum’s collections to measuring space in the stacks for our growing number of books. The main responsibility of my position is to make sure the library patrons find what they need as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

What does a librarian do?

Librarians prepare new materials, classifying them by subject matter and describing books and other library materials to make them easy to find. Librarians supervise assistants, who enter classification information and descriptions of materials into electronic catalogs.

What are SLAs and KPIS?

SLA and KPI are aspects that are abbreviated as BPM of business process management. SLA means agreement on the level of service. KPI represents a crucial indication of performance. Both are concerned with monitoring particular performance measures in your company.

What is SLA India?

School Library Association (SLA India)

When does the SLA membership program begin?

Membership begins at month of conference registration. The call for poster abstracts is now open. The deadline to submit a poster abstract is Tuesday, June 1. Interested in learning about sponsorship opportunities for the SLA 2021 Annual Conference? View the conference sponsorship website.

What is the SLA Learning Hub?

The SLA Learning Hub is your one-stop shop for all things learning. Find certificate program courses, online programs, past conference sessions, community events … and much more! Learn More »

Where is Stacey Wahl at the SLA 2020 annual conference?

Stacey Wahl had planned to be in Charlotte, North Carolina, last year to present a paper at the SLA 2020 Annual Conference. Instead, she’ll be in Charlotte next year, reaping […]

Will you join SLA for the virtual interactive experience?

We invite information professionals everywhere to join us August 3-13 for a virtual interactive experience to benefit from the ideas, insights, and connections SLA provides! Registration is open now. Learn more and register on our event website.