What is the song on the new Corona commercial?

What is the song on the new Corona commercial?

Corona TV Spot, ‘Protect Our Beaches’ Song by Radical Face – iSpot.tv.

What is the song in the Corona Seltzer commercial?

Corona Hard Seltzer TV Spot, ‘Hola Beach Hunt’ Song by Pete Rodriguez – iSpot.tv. iSpot measures impressions and the performance of TV ads.

What is the song in the Snoop Dogg Corona commercial?

The music of the Corona Extra beer advert is the song The Whodini Megamix by Whodini from the album Funky Beat: The Best Of Whodini. “You can’t choose everything in life, but you can still choose to find the fine in life,” Snoop Dogg said.

What is the Corona beer song?

That’s because this song is “Love is Everywhere (Beware)” by Wilco. The alternative band has been around since 1994 (via Spin) and had released their 11th studio album, “Ode to Joy,” in 2019. The album received positive reviews and proved the Chicago-based band can still create masterful works of art 27 years later.

Who is in the Corona Beach commercial?

There’s a Better Way to Measure TV & Streaming Ad ROI Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg is taking a stroll on the beach with a bucket of ice-cold Corona Extra beers in hand.

Who is in Corona commercial Warm Feet cold hands?

Bad Bunny
Corona Extra TV Spot, ‘Warm Feet, Cold Hands’ Featuring Bad Bunny.

What is the song from Corona commercial I like it like that?

The track in question is Pete Rodriguez’s “A Mi Me Gusta Así (I Like It Like That),” which was originally released in 1967 “at the height of the Latin boogaloo dance craze” as per Latin Jazz Net.

Who is singing in the Corona commercial?

How does reggaeton superstar Bad Bunny find the fine life? By relaxing near the beach with warm sand on his toes and cool hands from an ice cold Corona Extra.

Who is Snoop Dogg talking to on his shell phone?

The latest face of Corona Extra is Bad Bunny, who appears alongside Snoop Dogg in the beer brand’s latest commercial, part of the “La Vida Más Fina” campaign they launched in August 2020. Over the course of “Shellphone,” the two musical icons have a beachy, socially distant exchange.

How much does Snoop Dogg make for Corona commercial?

Snoop Dogg reportedly earned $10 million to be the face of Corona.

What is the slogan for Corona beer?

the Finest Beer
As the slogan on every bottle says, Corona is crafted to be La Cerveza Más Fina, “the Finest Beer,” and the new campaign takes this philosophy a step further.

Is it any wonder Corona commercial?

The song “Is It Any Wonder” performed by Durand Jones and the Indications has been featured in a new Corona ad. The advertisement also features Zoe Saldana and Snoop Dogg.