What is the speaker trying to convey through the lines and the hills crack and the temples crack and the sky falls?

What is the speaker trying to convey through the lines and the hills crack and the temples crack and the sky falls?

The poet seems to suggest that it is the Indian heritage in flesh and blood that we have to value. The reference to the hills, temples and sky cracking and falling could also mean the radical change in the hitherto held opinion of the speaker.

Who is the poet of an old woman?

Arun Kolatkar

What did St Peter say about the greedy old lady?

Answer. St peter said to the greedy lady that u are ot eligible to be a human because you cannot give food who are hungry so he cursed her to become a woodpecker because it will bosr the tree to get only a small insect.

What did Saint Peter ask the old lady for?

Answer: Saint Peter asked the old lady for one of her baked cakes. The lady tried to bake a small cake for the saint. But as the cake was baking, she noticed that it seemed too big to give away, so she kneaded a smaller dough.

What did the poet see when he came twice awake?

Ans—When the old woman whom the poet met in an oak wood opened the bag to show a magic, the poet came twice awake. Ans – If the poet failed to make the promise, the black oak tree would wrinkle over him and rooted him among the oak trees. This way he would die. 6.

What reason did the boy give for helping the old woman?

Answer. Answer: He explained to his friends that his mother would also become old and when she needs help, someone will help her. This shows that the boy is very well brought up in terms of moral values which is very much essential in any given day.

Who is the poet of the poem a legend of the Northland?

Phoebe Cary

What did the old woman say to the poet?

The old woman told the poet that she has an unrevealed piece of information in her bag.

What is the theme of the poem an old woman?

In Arun Kolatkar’s poem, “An Old Woman,” the main theme is about keeping what is important in perspective—in this case, an old woman and her heritage—the land from which she comes. Someone may be walking and a woman may grab ahold of his or her sleeve.

What is the message of the poem somebody’s mother?

The poem ‘Somebody’s Mother’ is written by Mary Dowe Brine. The main theme of this poem is that we should always be unselfish and help others. In this poem a young boy helps an old woman cross the road.

What did the old woman stand for?

(i) The old woman is the symbol of Nature. Her old age and ‘all knobbly stick and rag’ suggest the degradation of nature. (ii) The three things that cannot happen in a treeless forest are the sitting of a bird on trees, the hiding of insects and the sun burying its feet in the shadow of the forest.

What is the theme of the poem The Legend of Northland?

The main theme of the poem ‘The Legend of the Northland’ is the selfishness of the woman to whom Saint Peter had asked for a cake. Every cake that she baked seemed large to her and she was not willing to part with it. It shows the shallowness of the woman and her selfishness.

What is the theme of the legend of the Northland?

The poem is based on the theme that greed is a grave sin. Greedy people do not deserve the blessings and the comforts of human life . Human beings should thus acquire the quality of kindness, fellow feeling and empathy.

What happened to the old woman’s clothes?

What happened to the old woman’s clothes ? (a) They were burnt black as she went up through the chimney.

What was the impact of the curse on the lady?

Answer. The little woman was too shocked to react to the curse of being transformed into a bird . she rushed up to the chimney,and in the process every thing on her body got burnt and charred into flames. Her red cap got transformed in the plume of the woodpecker,and as the bird she flew out of the chimney in the woods …

What made Saint Peter angry?

Saint Peter became angry at her greed because she did not give a piece of cake to Saint Peter to satiate his hunger. When he cursed the lady, she turned into a bird.

Where does the poet meet the old woman?

Answer. Answer: answer is when the old woman whom the poet met in a oakwood was.

What did the old woman ask the little boy?

Answer: The old woman in her prayer asked God to be kind to the young boy. she remember the God.

How did the speaker treat the old woman?

Answer: The speaker had associated only ugliness and annoyance with the old woman until he had the awareness of her strength as well as her helplessness..

Why was the old woman hesitating to cross the street?

Why was the old woman hesitating to cross the street? Answer: She was very weak and her legs were trembling with cold. She had no courage to cross such a busy and slippery road.

What happened to the cake every time when the old lady tried to bake it?

Answer: Every time the old lady tried to bake the cake it became bigger in size. Explanation: Saint Peter was a holy man and he used to make long journeys for preaching.

What made St Peter angry?

Answer. saint Peter angry because of the behaviour of greedy lady. she did not give him a single cake. For this,he cursed the lady.

What is the legend why is this poem called a legend?

A ‘legend’ is a popular story from the past which is believed by many but one cannot prove whether it is true or not. It usually contains a message or a moral and is narrated to children. This poem is called a ‘legend’ because it preaches generosity towards fellow beings.

What is the poem the legend about?

The poem is dedicated to the memory of Jay Kashiwamura, who may be assumed to be the man featured on the television program seen by Hongo, who perhaps made an effort to seek out the deceased man’s identity so as to pay him respect. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Legend.

What lesson do you learn from the ballad?

The poem conveys the message that as human beings, we should have positive qualities like affection, love, fellow-feeling, sympathy, generosity and a sense of sharing. The poet also brings forth the idea that people with negative, inhuman values like selfishness, greed and cruelty are ultimately punished.

How did the boy feel after helping the old woman?

Ans: The young boy felt happy and content because he had helped someone who was in need.

Why did the woman not give the cake to the man?

The lady made a little cake, but decided it was too large for her to give away to anybody as she was very greedy and did not want to give away her cakes, even though they were tiny. It is because she thought that that little cake was too big to give away.

What is the meaning of legend?

1a : a story coming down from the past especially : one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable the legend of a lost continent Arthurian legends. b : a body of such stories a place in the legend of the frontier. c : a popular myth of recent origin the legend of the Loch Ness monster.