What is the standard BDV value of transformer oil?

What is the standard BDV value of transformer oil?

A typical value of BDV Test result for 220 / 6.6 kV Transformer oil is 65 kV and moisture content should be less than 10 ppm. BDV is an important and popular test of transformer oil, as it is the primary indicator of the health of oil and it can be easily carried out at the site.

What is BDV test of transformer oil?

BDV test means the Breakdown Voltage Test. This test is performed for verifying the dielectric strength of the oil of the transformer. Dielectric Strength is the maximum capacity to resist the voltage of insulating oil. This test demonstrates the dielectric Strength of Transformer Oil.

Is standard for transformer BDV test?

As per IEC, the minimum BDV of transformer oil should be 30 KV as per transformer oil BDV test standard. The transformer oil is used in the transformer for insulation as well as for cooling purpose.

What is standard dielectric strength of oil?

The dielectric breakdown voltage is measured by applying a voltage between two electrodes under the oil. New oil should have a minimum dielectric strength of 35 kV by ASTM methods of testing.

How do you test BDV?

For measuring BDV of transformer oil, portable BDV measuring kit is generally available at site. In this kit, oil is kept in a pot in which one pair of electrodes are fixed with a gap of 2.5 mm (in some kit it 4mm) between them. Now slowly rising voltage is applied between the electrodes.

What is breakdown strength of transformer oil?

Material Dielectric Strength
Perfect Vacuum 1×1012 MV/m
Teflon 60 MV/m
High Vacuum 30 MV/m
Transformer Oil 24 MV/m

What is BDV transformer?

The dielectric strength of transformer oil is also known as the breakdown voltage (BDV) of transformer oil. Breakdown voltage is measured by observing at what voltage, sparking strands between two electrodes immersed in the oil, separated by a specific gap.

What is meant by transformer BDV?

BDV test means Breakdown Voltage Test. It is done for checking the dielectric strength of the oil of the Transformer. Breakdown Voltage is measured by observing at what voltage, sparking straits between two electrodes emerged in the oil, separated by specific gap.

What is the BDV value of 33kv transformer?

A BDV rating around 30KV is considered good. If lower values are recorded do not energize the transformer and the oil is recommended for filtration.

What is the BDV breakdown voltage of a 33kv transformer?

If you ask about BDV value oil it should be minimum 40kV, as per standards. But in India we maintain it to 50kV/60kV.

How do you do a breakdown voltage test?

Measuring breakdown voltage is done by applying an increasing reverse voltage to the device until a certain test current is reached that indicates that the device is in breakdown.

What is breakdown value of transformer oil?

It is confirmed that the dielectric breakdown voltage of pure transformer oil is about 10 kV with a gap distance of 1 mm between electrodes.

The BDV or dielectric strength of oil is the maximum voltage withstand capacity of the oil without breakdown. BDV test of transformer oil oil is very important for trouble free operation of transformer. Therefore, periodical testing of the transformer oil BDV is compulsory for ensuring healthiness of the transformer oil.

What is dielectric breakdown voltage (BDV) of transformer?

The one very important parameter – Dielectric strength or breakdown voltage (BDV) of the oil must be periodically checked to ensure trouble-free operation of the transformer. The dielectric breakdown voltage test is a quick and easy way of determining the contamination in the transformer oil.

What is the minimum breakdown voltage of transformer oil?

As per IEC, the minimum breakdown voltage of transformer oil should be not less than 30 KV. The BDV of transformer oil does not depend on the voltage rating of the transformer. Minimum transformer BDV value for either 11 KV, 22 KV, 132 KV is the same.

How often should I perform a BDV test on my transformer?

As per standard practice BDV test is recommended twice a year. Motwane’s Transformer Oil BDV Test Kit (OTS) comes in three distinct models – A pre-programmed fully automatic kit, a Motorized Digital OTS kit and an Analog motorized cum manually operated kit.