What is the story of Ali and Nino statue?

What is the story of Ali and Nino statue?

The Ali and Nino is a prominent sculpture which was created by artist Tamara Kvesitadze to tell the story of love between a Christian princess and a Muslim boy who were forced to separate from each other during the Bolshevik invasion.

How does the Statue of love work?

The giant metal artwork, also known as the “Statue of Love,” consists of two somewhat transparent figures made of stacked segments. Each day at 7 PM, the two figures slide towards each other, eventually merging as their segments pass between each other. never truly connecting.

Where is the Love statue?

The LOVE sculpture resides in LOVE Park, located across the street from City Hall in Center City Philadelphia, and is free to visit.

What happened to Ali and Nino?

Nino flees to Georgia with their child, while Ali Khan dies in battle as the Bolsheviks take the country. (The Bolshevik victory led to the establishment of Soviet domination of Azerbaijan from 1920 to 1991 and the end of the short-lived Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which lasted from May 1918 to April 1920.)

Is Ali and Nino on Netflix?

‘Ali and Nino’ – The birth of Azerbaijan on Netflix – Stream On Demand.

How tall is Ali and Nino?

The statue of Ali and Nino – a moving sculptural composition in Batumi Boulevard, is one of the attractions of Georgia’s Black Sea resort. The 8-meter-high transparent, steel figures of woman and man, named Ali and Nino, move slowly to pass through each other and gradually become one.

How tall is Ali and Nino statue?

8 meters
Ali and Nino – Batumi, Georgia Tamar Kvesitadze’s statue was erected in Georgian coastal city of Batumi in 2011. Its height is 8 meters. The monument represents figures of a man and a woman moving in circles for about 8-10 minutes and eventually passing through each other, forming one whole body for several second.

Where is Ali and Nino statue?

Batumi Boulevard
A 26ft-long moving sculpture on the seashore of the Batumi Boulevard in Georgia is an epitome of everything that is beautiful. Inspired by the novel ‘Ali and Nino’, a love story by Kurban Said, the sculpture narrates the tragic separation of Ali and Nino.

Why is the O crooked in the Love statue?

The slanting of the O was designed intentionally as to have the negative spaces forming a V in between the letters, which as Indiana says “makes the letters dynamic.” Before long, the popularity of the piece brought the piece to serve as a print image for the 1964 Museum of Modern Art Christmas card, then becoming a …

Where is the Statue of Ali and Nino located?

Black Sea
Officially, it’s still known as Man and Woman, the name with which it made its debut at the Venice Biennale more than a decade ago. To the people of Batumi, the city on Georgia’s Black Sea coast where it has since found a permanent home, it’s Ali and Nino.

When was Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture made?

1970Love / Created
This format of LOVE dates to 1967, when Indiana was commissioned by Multiples, Inc. to make his first sculptural version of LOVE as a 12-inch high work in aluminum. In 1970, the artist created his first large-scale LOVE, which is now housed in the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

What happened to the LOVE sculpture in NYC?

Back in May, Midtown’s LOVE sculpture was taken down without any warning or explanation. CBS2 later learned that it was removed for cleaning and repair work. Now, a new statue — of a towering man with his finger over his mouth — is standing in its place, and it’s getting mixed reviews.

What is the story behind Georgia’s “Ali and Nino” statues?

The statues are inspired by a love story between a Muslim boy and a Georgian princess who come from different religious backgrounds Image credits: olyagrebelnaya Briefly, “Ali and Nino” embrace, before passing through each other

Who were Ali and Nino?

Westerners are all familiar with the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet, but how about Ali and Nino, the doomed lovers that inspired the colossal automated statue named after them, which now stands by the seashore of Batumi, Georgia?

What is the story behind the statue of Love in Georgia?

Please try again later. The Statue of Love sculpture inspired by love story of “Ali and Nino” Created by Georgian artist Tamar Kvesitadze. The story is similar to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and tells of an Azerbaijani youth who falls in love with a Georgian princess but dies defending his country.