What is the theme of The Serpent King?

What is the theme of The Serpent King?

In The Serpent King, the author Jeff Zentner presents the thematic idea of courage. Through plot events, character dialogue, and other literary elements, Zentner develops the theme that courage allows people to overcome adversity and be pushed to attempt situations that the individual is afraid to undertake.

What is The Serpent King book about?

Zentner takes us to rural Tennessee as we follow our protagonist, Dill, and his two best friends, Lydia and Travis, through their final year of high school. At its heart, The Serpent King is tale of friendship, doubt, depression, and coming to terms with reality.

Is The Serpent King a good book?

Named to ten BEST OF THE YEAR lists and selected as a William C. Morris Award Winner, The Serpent King is the critically acclaimed, much-beloved story of three teens who find themselves–and each other–while on the cusp of graduating from high school with hopes of leaving their small-town behind.

Is there a sequel to The Serpent King?

While not a sequel, one of the characters from The Serpent King makes an appearance in Goodbye Days – so read TSK first or else you’ll hit a pretty major spoiler.

Why did Jeff Zentner write The Serpent King?

I wanted to create art for that audience. As for influencing The Serpent King specifically, I would say that volunteering at Rock Camp made me want to write about kids who are creators—musicians, specifically. Along with being a writer, you are also a musician.

What is the main conflict of The Serpent King?

The first main conflict of the story is Dill’s father gets arrested after the authorities found him producing child pornography. People getting arrested doesn’t just affect them, it affects their family and other people who are close to them as well.

Why is it called The Serpent King?

His grandfather, Dillard Early, became consumed with slaughtering snakes in grief and vengeance after one killed his daughter. He wore their skins pinned to his clothes during his descent into darkness. The whispering and staring locals called him “the Serpent King” before he committed suicide by poison.

What happens at the end of the Serpent King?

While Dill and Lydia know their time together will come to an end when Lydia goes to college in New York, they spend their last few weeks as a couple. Just before Lydia leaves, they go to the cemetery one final time to say good-by to Travis. Her manager assures Dill the royalties will help with his college education.

How many pages are in Serpent King?

The Serpent King

The Serpent King
ISBN: 9780553524048, Related ISBNs: 0147521319, 0147521327, 0147521335, 0147521343, 055352402X
Classification: Non-Fiction
Number of pages: 400,
Audience: Young adult

Is The Serpent King a true story?

Tahar Rahim stars in “The Serpent” as Charles Sobhraj, who targeted tourists in South and Southeast Asia in the 1970s. Netflix’s true crime drama “The Serpent,” premiering Friday, may seem unbelievable — but the creators actually had to temper the bizarre real-life history of con man and serial killer Charles Sobhraj.

Why is it called the Serpent King?

What is the climax of The Serpent King?

Climax. The Climax starts when Dill realizes that he has to choose what he wants to do so he chooses his friends. He realizes that he couldn’t make everyone happy, but in his heart he did not want to do snake handling with his father.

What is the genre of the serpent king?

The Serpent King is a young adult novel by American musician and novelist Jeff Zentner, originally published in the U.S. in 2016. This coming-of-age story about three youths growing up in a small town of Forrestville, Tennessee, explores individual, family, and social identity, along with love, loss, and religion.

Is serpent king by Mr Zentner worth reading?

Mr. Zentner is an excellent storyteller with a knack in writing touching, emotional and unique stories of friendship and discovering oneself. It wasn’t a long time ago when Goodbye Days totally crushed my heart to pieces. Serpent King wasn’t as intense but just as raw and just as heartfelt. Fuck.

What is Jeff Zentner’s debut novel?

The Serpent King is Jeff Zentner’s debut novel, and what a novel it is. He has been a guitarist and songwriter, having released five albums before focusing his attention on writing novels for young adults. But this novel doesn’t feel like a debut novel. The writing?

What is the best study guide for the serpent king?

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