What is the Vjolt for?

What is the Vjolt for?

Purpose. V-JOLT is specifically created as a herbicide, especially Plant 42 and 43.

Can Chris make V-jolt?

To make V- jolt with Chris: You need to let Richard die before reaching the residence. If you saved him, you have to fight Plant 42. If you haven’t already, pick up the assault shotgun Richard left behind.

What do I do with the unprinted book in Resident Evil?

Then it can be used to complete the row of books in Room 003. Once placed on the bookshelf, you will need to rearrange them until the pattern in their spines forms a complete picture, then a secret doorway to the Plant 42 Room will be revealed.

How do you kill a plant in re1?

Strategy. They really aren’t any harm to anyone, except when they swipe at someone when they get too close. It guards either the Armor Key or a Death Mask on the other side of the fountain. The only way to kill it is to put in a plant chemical in the water tank that supplies the water for the fountain.

How do I get to plant 42 in Resident Evil?

Walking across the catwalk you’ll find a room you haven’t entered yet. Inside will be a part of Plant 42. Use the V-Jolt. Now, return to Room 003 and enter Plant 42’s lair from the hidden bookcase door just beyond.

How do you get the helmet key in Resident Evil?

In most versions of the game, the Helmet Key is found in the fireplace after defeating Plant 42 in the Dormitory’s lounge area, Point 42. In the Arrange Mode on the Director’s Cut release, the Control Room Key is found in the fireplace instead.

Can Rebecca make V-jolt?

You’ll need it later in the game. As soon as Plant 42 grabs Chris, you’ll gain control of Rebecca. Run back to the lab and make V-Jolt as described above.

How do you make Jill with V jolt?

To create V-Jolt, Jill must first solve a strange puzzle in the Spider Room of The Residence not far from Plant 42. By taking the lighter into the Spider Room (located at the end of the hall just past the Residence save room), Jill can light red, green, and orange lamps scattered around the room.

Where do I use the red book in Resident Evil?

Purpose. It can be used in Room 003 to reveal a door leading to Point 42.

Where do I use the dog whistle in Resident Evil?

It can be used on the West terrace to call two cerberuses, one of which is carrying a replica of the Armor Key in its collar. A crumpled memo is found lying near the whistle, which explains how to use it. Once your character uses the whistle, they are given the option to discard it as they return inside.

What are the death masks for in Resident Evil?

Death Masks are items used to open a coffin within the Spencer Mansion. These masks replace the crests in the original game in the fact they are needed to access the courtyard, albeit indirectly.

How do I use the V-jolt?

Go in through the door in the center and immediately go to your inventory and press to use the V-Jolt. When asked, discard all the other empty jars A file called “Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment” gives more hints and information about V-Jolt.

What is V-jolt in Resident Evil?

Resident Evil Outbreak V-JOLT is an Umbrella -made chemical. It’s a distinctively brown liquid, and was created when infected plants showed that certain cells would die when reacting with certain chemicals.

What is the V-jolt solution to Plant 42?

A simple solution. There are certain sections of Resident Evil that can be resolved with brains over brawn. One example of this is creating the V-Jolt solution to take down Plant 42. Both Chris and Jill have different methods of taking the nuisance boss down, and this method in particular is the most effective for saving health and hassle.

How do you get the V-jolt in outbreak?

V-JOLT in Outbreak. In Resident Evil Outbreak, the VP-017 and UMB No.3 are the only ones necessary to make the V-JOLT, and there’s no puzzle nor other combinations. It is used to weaken the Monster Plant to ensure further access into the laboratory.