What is the weekday lineup on msnbc?

What is the weekday lineup on msnbc?

Weekday programs

Times Program Hosted by
6:00 AM Morning Joe Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist
10:00 AM MSNBC Reports José Díaz-Balart
11:00 AM Craig Melvin
12:00 PM Andrea Mitchell Reports Andrea Mitchell

Where are all the msnbc anchors?

Yasmin Vossoughian
Aymen MoheyldinCori CoffinLindsey Reiser
MSNBC Reports/Presented by

Who is the woman on msnbc?

Rachel Maddow
Born Rachel Anne Maddow April 1, 1973 Castro Valley, California, U.S.
Education Stanford University (BA) Lincoln College, Oxford (MA, DPhil)
Occupation Television host political commentator author
Partner(s) Susan Mikula

How do I contact msnbc?

Contacting MSNBC News Online. Send an email to the editor at MSNBC News. The 2 main emails are [email protected] and [email protected]. Write your comment in an email and send it through to one of these editors.

Is The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell being Cancelled in 2020?

MSNBC executives plan to cancel Lawrence O’Donnell highly-rated prime time television show “The Last Word” after his contract expires on June 4th.

What does MSNBC stand for?

cable news outlet
MSNBC is defined as an abbreviation for a cable news outlet which was created by a 1996 merger between Microsoft and NBC, including the MS for Microsoft and the NBC from the other partner. An example of MSNBC is one of the largest and most read or watched stations for news in the world.

Who is the most popular anchor on MSNBC?

Rachel Maddow, the top-rated anchor on MSNBC and one of the most influential figures in liberal media, is set to take a hiatus from her nightly cable program.

What is the address of msnbc?

Use the MSNBC Mailing Address The general MSNBC mailing address is MSNBC, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112.

How do I email Joe Scarborough?

Joe Scarborough Wondering if it’s [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]? We have the answers for you. Are you Joe and want us to edit or remove this page?

Is Rachel Maddow leaving her show?

It’s been reported that the nightly edition of The Rachel Maddow Show will end sometime this year as part of a new contract she signed with MSNBC’s parent company, NBCUniversal, which allows her to work on different projects. “For now, we’re just taking it one step at a time,” Maddow said.

What is Lawrence O’Donnell salary?

Lawrence O’Donnell Net Worth and Salary: Lawrence O’Donnell is an American news broadcaster and TV writer who has a net worth of $16 million….Lawrence O’Donnell Net Worth.

Net Worth: $16 Million
Salary: $4 Million
Date of Birth: Nov 7, 1951 (70 years old)
Gender: Male

What does MSM stand for?


Acronym Definition
MSM Men who have Sex with Men (health/medical)
MSM Mainstream Media
MSM Master of Science in Management (academic degree)
MSM Methylsulfonylmethane

Does MSNBC outperform CNN?

Additionally, MSNBC continues to out-perform CNN in all dayparts when it comes to average total viewers, but finished third behind both Fox News and CNN among adults 25-54, the demo that matters most to advertisers of news. The average Nielsen live + same day impressions for May 2021:

Can I watch MSNBC on IE 11?

View the MSNBC schedule today and catch your favorite shows as they air. See the MSNBC schedule tonight or plan to watch daily TV broadcasts and news. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. SKIP TO CONTENT Paper & Glue

Is MSNBC the second most watched network on basic cable?

Yet, despite the ratings decline, it remains the second-most-watched network on cable television. That was unheard of during the prior Democratic administration. In May 2021, MSNBC averaged nearly 1.5 million total viewers (No. 2 on basic cable), but just 199,000 adults 25-54 in prime time.

How does MSNBC’s viewership compare to CNN and Fox News?

Across all of cable networks, MSNBC was the #1 network in African American viewership (ahead of #2 CNN and #47FOX News) in full day (M-Su 6am-2am) through 5/27/21. Viewers watched MSNBC for more minutes per week than CNN. During full day (M-Su 6am-2am), viewers watched MSNBC for an average 350 minutes per week (vs. CNN’s 190 minutes).