What is the world record beer mile?

What is the world record beer mile?

4 minutes 28 seconds
Canadian runner Corey Bellemore has just set a new all-time world record for the Beer Mile, completing all four laps of a track— and downing four beers—in just 4 minutes 28 seconds. “I’m really happy with the result,” he said in a post-race interview.

What is the beer mile race?

According to BeerMile.com, an unofficial reference guide for the unofficial sport, each competitor in a beer mile must drink four cans of beer and run four laps around a 400-metre track. The standard format is to drink one beer, then run one lap.

How many beers is a beer mile?

four cans
Beer Mile Official Rules Each competitor drinks four cans or bottles of beer and runs four laps around a standard 400m running track (start with chugging a beer, then run a lap, then beer, then lap, then beer, then lap, then beer, then lap – finish).

Who holds the mile world record?

Hicham El Guerrouj
The IAAF is the official body which oversees the records. Hicham El Guerrouj is the current men’s record holder with his time of 3:43.13, while Sifan Hassan has the women’s record of 4:12.33. Since 1976, the mile has been the only non-metric distance recognized by the IAAF for record purposes.

What is the milk mile?

The Milk Mile: For underage runners who can’t tackle the beer mile until their 21st birthdays, the milk mile is a wholesome, calcium-rich, superdisgusting alternative. Runners must drink half a gallon of milk, chocolate milk or eggnog (yes, eggnog Oh, my God, eggnog) and then run a mile.

What is chug race?

A fun, yet socially distanced 1-mile race where competitors not only compete for the fastest running time but also the fastest “chugging” time. Complete this as an individual or with a team of 2 or 4.

Who invented beer mile?

A guy named Patrick Butler at Wesleyan University in Connecticut bought the domain name beermile.com in 1998 and started keeping track of U.S. running times with the Kingston Rules (minus the rule that women only have to drink three).

Is a beer mile safe?

Studies have shown that acute intake of large amounts of alcohol may cause brain swelling, but to date, the risk for beer milers is unclear. Beer aside, your muscles will start to burn over the course of a fast mile as they break down carbohydrates for fuel, which produces lactic acid.

How fast can Usain Bolt run a mile?

Three minutes, forty-three seconds, and thirteen hundredths of a second is the fastest that a human has ever run a mile, as far as we know.

How hard is a 5 minute mile?

Running a 5 minute mile is no easy task. It takes a lot of training and the right diet to achieve, but it can be done if you work hard at it. By training your body to endure longer distances, strengthening your muscles, and improving your cardiovascular abilities, you can run a mile in just 5 minutes.

What are the rules for a beer mile?

The Official Beer Mile Rules

  • You must drink four cans of beer and run four laps on a track.
  • The beer must be finished before the lap starts.
  • The first beer must be finished in the last meter of the transition zone to make sure that everyone does a complete mile.
  • Women do indeed drink the full four beers.

Is the milk mile hard?

Each subsequent lap after that initial drink, participants again must chug down another cup of milk for a total of four (or a half gallon) during the race. Sound difficult? It absolutely is. That’s what should make it so appealing to not only your everyday runner, but the ultra-competitive ones, too.