What is the Zip Code for Libya?

What is the Zip Code for Libya?

Postal codes are not used in Libya .

What is the Zip Code of Tripoli?


Street – Number Postal Code City
Agapinoros Street 22132 Tripoli
Agias Aikaterinis Street 22132 Tripoli
Agias Kyriakis Street 22131 Tripoli
Agias Lavras Street 22132 Tripoli

What is the capital of Libya?

TripoliLibya / Capital

Tripoli, Arabic Ṭarābulus, in full Ṭarābulus al-Gharb (“The Western Tripoli”), capital city of Libya. Situated in northwestern Libya along the Mediterranean coast, it is the country’s largest city and chief seaport.

What is Zip Code of Dar es Salaam?

Post Office Distribution

Region Postal Code Zone
Dar es Salaam Region 1xxxx Coastal Indian Ocean
Dodoma Region 41xxx Central
Iringa Region 51xxx Southern Highlands
Kagera Region 35xxx Lake

What is the zipcode of Nigeria?

These codes are equivalent to the ZIP codes used within the US. The code for Nigeria is 00176-0000. Now, how do you fill forms requesting for ZIP code? If you’re filling a form online, and you’re required to key in your ZIP code, simply put 110001 or 23401.

What is the postal code for Beirut Lebanon?

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Municipalities Localities
Beirut Central District 10999 1
Marfaa 10450 4
Mazraa 10310 9
Medawar 10610 5

Is Tripoli an Italian name?

Italian and Greek (Tripolis, Tripolitakis): habitational name from any of various cities called Tripoli, a place name of Greek origin meaning ‘triple city’. In particular, there is a place so named in North Africa (Libya), another in Lebanon, and another in the Peloponnese (capital of Arcadia).

What is Tripoli called today?

Situated 85 km (53 mi) north of the capital Beirut, it is the capital of the North Governorate and the Tripoli District. Tripoli overlooks the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and it is the northernmost seaport in Lebanon….Tripoli, Lebanon.

Tripoli طرابلس
District Tripoli District
• Total 27.3 km2 (10.5 sq mi)

What is the zip of Tanzania?

Postal Codes are not used in Tanzania.

What is Arusha Tanzania ZIP code?

23100 Arusha’, which has been assigned to the Arusha Head Post Office building, adjacent to the Clock-Tower junction.

What is Akwa Ibom State ZIP code?

Akwa Ibom State is located in the southern part of Nigeria. It consists of thirty-one (31) local government areas (LGAs). The postal/zip code of NIPOST headquarters in Akwa Ibom state is 520001; however, it is advisable to use the exact postal code asigned to your LGA when filling forms.

What is the postal code for Tripoli Libya?

Tripoli: Demonym: Libyans: Country Code +218: ISO alpha-2: LY: ISO alpha-3: LBY: Flag: Area : 1,759,540 km 2: Currency Code : LYD : Currency Symbol : LD : Currency Name : Libyan Dinar : Population : 6,470,956 : Language : Arabic

How to call Tripoli Libya from United States?

How to call Tripoli in Libya from United States: 011 – Exit code when making an international call from United States 218 – Libyan country code for inbound calls 21 – Tripoli city code 011 + 218 + 21 + Local Number – International dialing code format. World time zone information:

What is the ZIP coda of Tripoli Libya?

Libya Information. The Libya country code is 218. The local time in Libya is 21:48:25 PM (09:48:25 PM) Get the mobile country codes for Libya. Libya Information: Libya on Wikipedia. The currency of Libya is the Libyan Dinar. The nationality of Libya is Libyans. The capital of Libya is Tripoli.

Is Tripoli the capital of Libya?

Tripoli, the capital of Libya, is located in the western part of the country, on the Mediterranean coast; 1.2 million (2003). Tripoli is the country’s largest city and most important port city.