What is toy photography called?

What is toy photography called?

Toys as an artist’s muse Toy photography is taking photos with toys. In other words, the goal isn’t to take product shots of toys, but rather to use toys to create images that tell a larger story.

How do you photograph action figures?

1. Camera Settings to Make Your Toy Photos Stand Out

  1. Choose a Narrower Aperture for More Details.
  2. Use Manual Focus to Be Precise.
  3. Lower Your ISO for Maximum Quality.
  4. Tripod.
  5. Shutter Release Cable.
  6. Table or Raised Platform.
  7. Backdrops.
  8. Tools.

How do you become a toy photographer?

Guide to Toy Photography

  1. 13 Creative Tips for Toy Photography. Find the Best Toys to Photograph. Choose a Fitting Location. Create Mini Stages. Add Lighting For Drama. Build An Interesting Composition. Add Dynamic Effects. Use A Camera With Manual Settings. Select The Best Lens. Create Stability With A Tripod.
  2. Final Words.

Can I sell my toy photography?

Fine Art/Selling Prints: Alternatively to product based commercial photography, you can go the fine art route. Create meaningful pieces with toys that you submit to galleries with the hope of selling the printed piece for a profit, or to publications that pay artists for the use of their work.

What does a toy photographer need?

Toy Photography Basics

  • 1 – Use a Tripod. One of the most important tools in my kit (other than the camera of course) has to be the TRIPOD.
  • 2 – Lights are key.
  • 3 – Tethering the camera.
  • 4 – Use the same focal length for the shots in the scene.
  • 5 – Choosing the right angle.

What is a good camera for toy photography?

Sometimes I shoot with my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S9, but my preferred toy photography camera is my Canon EOS 80D. The main lens is a Canon EFS 18-135mm, and it works well for 6″ action figure shots where I want the whole figure and some action happening in a landscape (see @teddi_toyworld).

Can I sell Lego photography?

If they are Lego designs that you did not create, then I’d say yes, you need permission.

Where can I sell my toy photos?

I’ve seen many toy photographers list their work on Redbubble, Deviant Art and Society6 as an easy way to make their images available for sale.

What is action figure/toy photography?

Action figure / toy photography is a relatively new genre of photography that has risen in popularity in recent years. Photos often feature well-known characters in unusual situations, or playing characters from different ‘universes’ off against one another.

Are there any action figures for boys?

Toy aisles are full of Barbies and Monster High dolls for girls, yet finding the right toy for a boy can be a good bit more challenging. With that said, though it might be tough, it is never impossible, so we’re here to help with this list of the best action figures for boys. . A fun set of action figures for kids of all ages.

Are there any photographers who take pictures of toys?

Just like any genre of photography, there is a tremendous online community of toy photographers who share their works of art. Mitchel Wu creates incredible scenes in his toy photography, with characters we all know and love. Kim Leuenberger has a fantastic car theme that weaves through her work.

When photographing action figures, the best angle is usually low down, effectively at eye-level with the figure. This creates a great sense of engagement and allows the viewer to relate to the figure more as a person than just a simple toy. Before you start to photograph your action figure, make sure you give them a thorough dusting off.