What is Tsung?

What is Tsung?

Tsung is a free software released under the GPLv2 license. The purpose of Tsung is to simulate users in order to test the scalability and performance of IP based client/server applications.

What happened to Kitana and Shang Tsung?

When Kitana brings Shang Tsung to Shao Kahn for punishment for his experiments, she is shocked when Shao Kahn praises him instead, revealing that he knew about Shang Tsung’s activities all along. As a result, Kitana is imprisoned while Shang Tsung is released and ordered to fetch Mileena.

Does Shang Tsung give the crown back to Fujin?

As the two forced Kronika to retreat, Shang Tsung holds on to the crown, much to Raiden and Fujin’s suspicion, he gave the crown back to them. Shang Tsung was seen to have a secret conversation with Sindel.

What went wrong with Tsung?

Another issue was the website, which use a custom static templating engine to generate un-responsive pages (it was a bunch of ugly perl scripts in fact …). Tsung 1.6.0 is now available !