What is UTEE melting art?

What is UTEE melting art?

Description. RANGER-Melt Art Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. This Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE) is a specially formulated; large particle embossing powder perfect for paper; decorative arts; fashion jewelry; frames and more!

What is embossing enamel used for?

Melt Art Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE) is a specially formulated, large particle embossing powder perfect for many craft projects, such as: creating jewelry pieces, magnets, trinket boxes, frames and other craft embellishments. Pour onto a non-stick surface and use with a heat tool to add dimension and texture.

What is clear embossing powder used for?

Turn ordinary, flat surfaces into an expression of dimensional creativity with Clear Embossing Powder. This gorgeous powder is ideal for embossing cards, scrapbooks, tags, notes, bags, and so much more. Just ink a stamp with embossing ink (sold separately) and press on your surface.

Do you have to heat embossing powder?

A heat gun is a necessary tool for this type of embossing. You must use heat to cure the embossing powder and “activate” its effects. Essentially, melting the powder to give it its shine, matte, etc. effect.

What is EFColor?

EFColor Low Temperature Enamelling Powder comes in 46 colors. (It’s pronounced E F Color.) It melts at 300˚F when baked for 3-5 minutes. I bought mine from Metal Clay Ltd. It’s also available from CooksonGold and other vendors as a starter set or as individual colors.

Is pigment powder the same as embossing powder?

The main difference between pigment and embossing powders consists in their final attachment. Embossing powders must be fixed by means of a Heat Gun while pigment powders are just slightly sprinkled with water and let dry on air.

Is embossing powder the same as mica powder?

Embossing powder is not the same as mica powder. Mica powder is made out of crushed particles of the mica mineral coated with other types of minerals to give it color. Mica powder particles do not melt the way embossing powders do. So there is no need to apply heat on them.