What is uvpro?

What is uvpro?

The UVC treatment of air and surfaces destroys bacteria before they colonise your products, and ensures consistent quality over the whole working day. UVpro enables you to take residual free measures against bacteria right where they arise. Use natural UVC energy for the quality of your products and the trust of your customers. How UVpro works?

What is the best wavelength of UVC for disinfection?

An analysis of the disinfection level of UVC between the wavelengths of 200 and 300 nm (yellow line) shows the highest efficiency between 240-280 nm with a maximum at 260 nm. If you compare the absorption spectrum of the genetic material (DNA, blue line), you see an almost identical course.

What is UVC disinfection and how does it work?

By the term UVC disinfection, it therefore does not bond the entire range of 100-300 nm, but particularly the range around 260 nm, where the DNA is most sensitive. DNA is a long chain molecule, which is constructed like a twisted double helix, similar to a spiral staircase.

How is UVC performance forecasted?

The required UVC performance is determined, the positioning of the tubes in the channel is simulated, and the disinfection rate is calculated. You will receive documented forecasts and a matching detailed offer for the recommended UVpro modules and tubes. Let’s deliver the right solution for your production.