What is wibu-key network server?

What is wibu-key network server?

The WIBU-KEY Server Application is an application that offers services to WIBU-KEY Clients which run in the same LAN (Local Area Network). On all computers where an ARCHICAD runs a Wibu-Key Client is also set up (If the ARCHICAD package has been properly installed and WIBU option has been chosen at installation).

What is WibuKey network server is not running?

For network licenses, we need to ensure that the server hosting the license is running WibuKey’s “Network Server” service. If not found, run “Network Server” from “Start Menu > All Programs > WibuKey” then refresh the services window. If the service’s status is not “Started”, select it, right click, and select “start”.

What is wibu-key driver?

The WIBU-KEY is a small device that fits into one of the USB ports of a computer. If all of your USB ports are in use, you can purchase a USB hub to create 4 or more USB ports out of one USB port. The WIBU-KEY is used to manage licenses. The amount of licenses a firm owns is programmed into the WIBU-KEY.

What is wibu-key for VRAY?

Wibukey. sys is a Windows driver. A driver is a small software program that allows your computer to communicate with hardware or connected devices. This means that a driver has direct access to the internals of the operating system, hardware etc.

What is wibu box u?

The WIBU-BOX/U+ is the WibuKey protection hardware for connection to the USB interface of PCs, Apple Macintosh and others. WibuKey driver software supports Windows XP/7/8/Server2012, MacOS 8 and higher and all Linux distributions supporting USB.

Can I delete WibuKey?

Please proceed as follows: Clean uninstall of WibuKey: – Remove all WibuBoxes. – Open “Control Panel | Programs and Features” and uninstall WibuKey.

What is a code meter?

CodeMeter is a license and digital rights management system with secure online shopping of licenses. The licenses are stored in the hardware, the CmStick, and are needed to be able to start the applications. Licenses in a CmStick are not bound to a special computer.

Should I uninstall CodeMeter?

Or if you have installed ‘demo’ versions of such programs to check out its suitability, Codemeter will still be installed as part of the installation. If you do not use any such software, you can safely delete it.

How do I activate my VRAY license server?

2)To activate your licenses, all you need to do is click ENABLE from the ONLINE LICENSING menu. You will then be prompted to enter your username and password. Once the activation is successful, you will be able to see the list of your available licenses on the license server home page.

How do I remove a wibu key?

Can I delete CodeMeter?

To uninstall CodeMeter from your computer, please do the following. On Windows please open the “Add/Remove Programs” dialog of the Control Panel. In the list you will find “CodeMeter Runtime Kit”. Mark this entry and klick the button “Remove”.

What is code meter run time server?

CodeMeter Runtime Service monitors the applications which are started and automatically assigns licenses to them in the event that any application crashes or the assignment of the license was forgotten by the developer.

How to check if WIBU key is installed or not?

There will be ‘WIBU-Key’ icon in the Windows Control Panel if they are installed. Install the WIBU drivers if they are not installed. You can test these drivers by opening the WIBU-KEY Control Panel Applet. This program should list all the WIBU-Keys attached to the local system.

Where can I find the WIBU-key server on the network?

You find the WIBU-KEY network monitor at > [Start- Programs- WIBU-KEY- Network Monitor] After having searched for all WIBU-KEY servers they should be displayed in the WIBU-KEY network monitor with the appropriate licenses. Is the WIBU-KEY server recognized on the client PCs?

What to do if the WIBU-key server doesn’t start?

If the ‘old’ WIBU-Key Server is an EASYLABEL client, then keep the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application from starting again on the ‘old’ WIBU-Key Server: Remove the shortcut to the WIBU-Key Server from the ‘Start Up’ program folder (Windows/Start Menu/Programs/StartUp) if one is present.

Why won’t my USB WIBU-key work with the WIBU drivers?

Installing a USB WIBU-Key before the WIBU drivers are installed will cause the WIBU-Key to be added to Device Manager as an ‘unsupported device’ and the WIBU drivers will not be able to find the key. Stop the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application from running.