What is your review of training peaks?

What is your review of training peaks?

Training Peaks is a great communication tool which allows you to put a lot of information about how to do you the workout of how did you fill this day before and after a workout. I strongly recommend to use those fields, it is a great source of information when you want to look up previous workouts, sometime even from last year.

How to enable TrainingPeaks in HRV4Training?

Enable TrainingPeaks from Menu / Settings in HRV4Training. Make sure to re-link the app if you are already using this integration. TSS (training stress score) is a metric TrainingPeaks created to quantify the effort of a specific workout.

Why is my TrainingPeaks chart not showing my weight?

In the absence of a weight recording, TrainingPeaks will not render the chart (like the power profile chart) or surface the normal metrics (like watts/kilogram, for example). Click your name. Click settings. On the left-hand side of the pop-up window that appears, click ‘layout’.

What are the requirements for an additional EC145/BK117 type rating?

Candidates for an Additional EC145 / BK117 Type Rating must:  Hold a valid Pilot license,  Hold a Multi-Engine Turbine Pilot Type Rating  Comply with the requirements set out in Part-FCL Subpart H – Section 1 & 3 8.4.3 Difference training courses in between variants: From Helicopter

How long does it take to become an EC145 pilot?

Applying on EC145 (BK117) EC145 (BK117) Theoretical course 6h 6h FTD or FFS (as qualified) 5h5h Helicopter 5h 5h Total Minimum Flight Training (FTD / FFS or helicopter) 5h 5h Skill Test In accordance with Part FCL Appendix 9 As Required As Required Table 9

What is T5 on the EC145 (BK 117 D2)?

Captain Roel Huysmans (EASA) has made a Training Program evaluation – Test “T5” on the EC145 (BK 117 D-2) . This test leads the full type rating course with no credit for prior experience.