What is Zookie?

What is Zookie?

Zookies is a hyrbid marijuana strain made by crosssing Animals Cookies and Original Glue. The result is a level-headed strain that is as delicious as it is potent. This strain has a unique terpene profile, aroma, and flavor of sweet nutty cookies with a hint of diesel.

Is Zookies a indica or sativa?

Zookies is an evenly balanced hybrid [ 50% indica / 50% sativa ] marijuana strain with a THC level of 23-25 percent and sometimes as high as 30 with CBD content of less then 1 percent.

What is Zour?

Zour Apples (Jack Herer X Ethos Glue) is a social sativa, sparking a want to connect with those around you. It produces effects such as creativity and alertness, with a flavor and scent profile of sour apples, dry floral and chocolate. MÜV Crumble is a strain-specific ethanol extract with a light and airy texture.

What strain is jealousy?

Seed Junky Genetics created Jealousy as a combination of Cookies’ Gelato 41 and a Sherbet backcross. The top reported aromas of the Jealousy strain are sweet cream and candy. It is said to taste like creamy candy and gelato.

What strain is LA Kush Cake?

La kush cake is an indica dominant hybrid [ 60% Indica / 40% Sativa ] marijuana strain with high THC levels and a CBD content of less then 2%. THC to CBD ratio could be as much as 100:1 if the plant’s CBD content is 0.2% or less. This herbal diesel will hit your taste buds in a way that just won’t let up.

What strain is Motorbreath?

Motorbreath Strain Genetics Created by Pisces Genetics, the Motobreath strain is a combination of Chemdog and San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG). Chemdog, also known as Chemdawg or Chem Dog, is purported to come from one of four seeds sprouted in 1991 by a Grateful Dead fan who went by the name of Chemdog.

What is G Wagon strain?

G Wagon is a sativa marijuana strain. We’re still learning about the flavors and effects of G Wagon. If you’ve smoked this strain before, tell us about it by leaving a review. G Wagon is a sativa marijuana strain. We’re still learning about the flavors and effects of G Wagon.

What strain is jet fuel Gelato?

Our Jet Fuel Gelato cultivar is a hard-hitting high THC hybrid. Born out of the Pacific Northwest, this top-shelf phenotype is a cross between Gelato 45 and High Octane OG x Jet Fuel G6.

What is Zookies?

If you’re a fan of the Cookie family, this bud is totally for you. Zookies brings together the delicious cookie flavors you know and love and blends them with the mind-bending potency of Gorilla Glue #4 for a super lifted and long lasting high that will leave you totally relaxed from head to toe.

What is the Zookies strain?

With unique flavors reminiscent of coffee, chocolate, pepper, and diesel fuel, this potent 50/50 hybrid strain is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a hard-hitting, long-lasting strain that won’t cause the dreaded couchlock. As one of the latest strains on our DC radar, we’re diving deeper into the ins and outs of the Zookies strain.

How much does a pack of Zookies cost?

Zookies Cookies – Wholesome, Organic, Bake At Home Dog Treats. THE PAWFECT PACK (3 TASTY MIXES + FREE SHIPPING!) Regular price $30.99. The “ZOO” PACK (Try Each Flavor) Regular price $24.49. THE FAMILY PACK (Favorites 4 Pack!) Regular price $35.00.

Do Zookies cookies come in resale bags?

ZOOKIES COOKIES NOW COME IN RESEALABLE BAGS?! Noticed our new packaging? LOVE IT? Why thank you! If you liked our former jars, then you’re really gonna love our new resealable bags! Some Zookies for now… some for later. And did we mention that each bag holds 10 ounces of cookie mix (that’s 2+ jars worth)!