What makes the Volvo XC40 a luxury SUV?

What makes the Volvo XC40 a luxury SUV?

Momentum makes luxury standard, R-Design emphasises sporty elegance, and Inscription sets the bar for sophistication. The roomy interior of the XC40 can comfortably accommodate you, your life and whoever you choose to share it with. Configure the spacious rear load compartment of the XC40 SUV to fit your needs.

What kind of car is Volvo a?

A versatile Volvo icon reimagined for lifestyle and family safety. Our dynamic sedans: a gratifying drive in Scandinavian comfort. Features depicted may not be standard or available for all models, styles and engine options. European specifications may be shown.

Why buy a Volvo SUV?

Our SUVs give you better visibility, more confidence and help keep you and your loved ones safe. Thinking about electric cars? Our pure electric and Plug-in Hybrids make up our Volvo Recharge line.

What is included in the Volvo XC60 digital services package?

Enjoy four years* of Google smarts and Volvo enabling tech including: – Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play – Volvo Cars app remote services – Wireless phone charger – All data included *The XC60 comes with a four years subscription of the Digital services package. After this period, new terms apply.

Is the Volvo XC40 recharge the first electric model?

The Chinese-owned, Swedish brand launched its electric model as the XC40 Recharge and followed that up in 2021 with it’s first electric-only nameplate, the C40 Recharge. We recently had an opportunity to spend a day driving the C40 in and around Palm Springs, California.

What does the new Volvo C40 have to offer?

Inside, the C40 will be familiar to anyone that has checked out a modern Volvo with much of the same switchgear and the 9-inch portrait orientation center touchscreen. As with other updated Volvo models this year, the infotainment has gotten a major upgrade from the old Sensus system to one running Android Automotive with Google services.

How does the Polestar C40 compare to the Volvo XC40?

Like the XC40, the C40 is currently offered only as a dual motor configuration with 402-hp and 486 lb-ft of torque. The Polestar 2 has the same motors but is now also available with just a single motor that is more affordable. Despite its relatively compact dimensions, the C40 is dense, weighing in at just over 4,800-lbs.