What means in and of itself?

What means in and of itself?

In and of itself is another way of saying “on its own” or “by its very nature.” For example, The final book in the series is, in and of itself, a great work of art. The phrase is used for emphasis.

What is another way to say itself?

Itself synonyms In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for itself, like: its, themselves, oneself, the whole, it, the masses, human-nature, as-it-is and ourselves.

What does it mean to say in itself?

DEFINITIONS1. used for emphasizing that what you are saying about one particular thing is true without even considering anything else. Some of the medicines were out of date, which was in itself dangerous.

Is in itself correct grammar?

It’s sufficient simply to use “in itself”. To use “in itself” to indicate isolation is incorrect; for this, one should use “by itself”, “on its own”, or just “alone”.

How do you use in and itself in a sentence?

Example sentences

  1. — I love the balcony in and of itself so I’ve decided to rent the apartment.
  2. — Coming to our wedding from Europe was, in and of itself, such a generous gift.
  3. — Failing one grade isn’t in and of itself enough to put you on academic probation—provided you did well in your other classes.

Where does the phrase in and of itself come from?

The expression may derive from the proverb “Virtue is its own reward.” The idiom “in and of itself” is the English version of Latin per se: “by itself.” Long used as an English adverb, per se means “by or in itself; without reference to anything else; intrinsically.”

What does in themselves mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English in themselves (also in and of themselves) considered without other related ideas or situations The carvings are works of art in themselves, even disregarding their religious significance.

Whats the difference between in itself and of itself?

by itself means “alone, unaccompanied”. in itself means “not needing other things”. in and of itself means “when considered in isolation”.

What’s the difference between itself and by itself?

“Itself” is fine, meaning of its own volition (free will). “By itself” can have this meaning, where a preposition is needed (it isn’t here), but usually means “on its own”, in other words, without being accompanied by any other cat.

Is it itself or its self?

The phrase is correctly written “by itself”. “It’s self” is also a valid phrase, where “self” is the noun used in philosophy, psychology, etc., but that does not fit here.

What is good in and itself?

That which is good without being so as a means to some other good, or only dependently upon some other good. Kant held that the only thing good in itself was a good will.

What does ‘in and of itself’ actually mean?

The usual phrase is “in and of itself” rather than “in of itself.” The phrase indicates that something is partly, but not fully, responsible for something else. For example, compare: Poor revenue was not the reason for the layoffs. (This means that the layoffs were entirely attributable to reasons other than poor revenue.)

What is being in itself?

The Darwin-Katherine Battery Energy Storage System (DK BESS) is expected to generate cost savings of approximately $9.8 million annually and pay for itself within five years while also being affordable for Territorians.” This content is protected

What is the thing in itself?

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What is the meaning of unto itself?

Define unto. unto synonyms, unto pronunciation, unto translation, English dictionary definition of unto. prep. 1. To. 2. Until: a fast unto death. 3. By: a place unto itself, quite unlike its surroundings. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language,… Unto – definition of unto by The Free Dictionary