What movies use Cinema 4D?

What movies use Cinema 4D?

A number of films and related works have been modeled and rendered in CINEMA 4D, including:

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
  • Beowulf.
  • The Ship-boys of Bontekoe.
  • The Golden Compass.
  • Surf’s Up.
  • We Are the Strange.
  • Spider-Man 3.
  • Monster House.

Is Cinema 4D used for video games?

Cinema 4D has also been used for games but there are software that have an edge on Cinema 4D where games is concerned. Maya and 3DS Max are used a lot in games. Yes, Cinema 4D is industry standard.

How to get started with Cinema 4D?

Live modelling with Parametrics. One of the key features of Cinema 4D is that has a fully featured parametric modelling system.

  • Cloning tools. Cinema 4D also has a range of cloning tools,which can duplicate your shape into various configurations,based on 3D grids,or they can use another object
  • Get to know the object list.
  • Changing layouts.
  • How to use Cinema 4D [beginners tutorial]?

    Intro to C4D. In this tutorial you get a handshake from Cinema 4D and learn workflows throughout the whole pipeline.

  • User Interface Basics.
  • Making a Cup.
  • Realistic Neon Sign.
  • Intro to Mechanical IK Rigging.
  • Create a Low-Poly Environment.
  • A Little House.
  • C4D Christmas Tree.
  • Pixar-Inspired Modeling.
  • Cloth Inflation Simulations.
  • How to quickly measure in Cinema 4D?

    Measure the distances and angles between objects. Adjust the distances and angles numerically after taking the measurement. Store measurements in a Measurement object for use later on. To measure and change object distances: In the viewport or Object Manager, select the objects that you want to measure.

    How to make realistic materials in Cinema 4D?

    in this cinema 4d texture tutorial, I will teach you how to create Metal and scratch texture in cinema 4d. and also wood texture. stone texture etc with using Diffuse, Bump, Specular and Normal Texture. we cover how to make things materials and shaders that look realistic.