What neighborhood is Ward 4 DC?

What neighborhood is Ward 4 DC?

Our ward rests at the top of the DC diamond and encompasses neighborhoods like Shepherd Park, Colonial Village, North Portal Estates, Takoma, Brightwood, Brightwood Park, Kennedy Street, Manor Park, South Manor Park, Fort Totten, Lamond, Lamond Riggs, Riggs Park, Queens Chapel, Petworth, Sixteenth Street Heights.

What is Ward 7 DC?

Wards 7 and 8 — commonly referred to collectively as “east of the river” — are heavily symbolic in local politics. The community east of the Anacostia remains almost entirely Black, even as Black residents are no longer the majority in a city once known as Chocolate City.

What is Ward 3 in DC?

Ward 3 is located in the upper North West quadrant of Washington, D.C. It encompasses the neighborhoods of American University Park, Berkley, Cathedral Heights, Chevy Chase, Cleveland Park, Colony Hill, Forest Hills, Foxhall, Friendship Heights, Glover Park, Kent, Massachusetts Heights, McLean Gardens, North Cleveland …

What is Ward 6 DC?

Ward 6 is located in the heart of Washington, DC, and is the only Ward to include portions of each of the four quadrants of the city. As a consequence, it has a highly diverse population and housing stock, and a myriad of neighborhood characteristics.

What is Ward 5 DC?

Ward 5 is extremely diverse in character and history, ranging from quiet residential neighborhoods and local shopping streets, to new high-rise development and industrial uses. The Brookland neighborhood sits in the middle of the ward in the northeast quadrant.

Is Ward 8 in DC Safe?

What are the bad areas of Washington, DC? The Southeast area of DC, or Ward 8, has most of the neighborhoods with the highest crime rates. Outside of Ward 8, Brentwood and Deanwood have the highest violent crime rate in DC. Don’t be intimidated by the high Washington, DC crime rate.

What neighborhood is Ward 8 in Washington, DC?

The historic Anacostia neighborhood is the oldest in the ward, having been founded as Uniontown, one of Washington’s first suburbs, in 1854. It has a variety of wood frame and brick houses and townhouses, as well as grander homes such as Cedar Hill, the Frederick Douglass House (pictured at right).

What area is Ward 8 in DC?

The Comprehensive Plan Area Elements that falls within Ward 8 include: Far Southeast & Southwest. Lower Anacostia Waterfront & Near Southwest.

Which ward is Columbia Heights?

Ward 1
Neighborhood and corridor plans for Ward 1 include: Columbia Heights Neighborhood Investment Fund: a priority investment plan completed in 2008.

What Ward is Anacostia?

Ward 8
The Comprehensive Plan Area Elements that falls within Ward 8 include: Far Southeast & Southwest. Lower Anacostia Waterfront & Near Southwest.

What Ward is Benning Rd NE?

About Ward 7 | op.

What Ward is Mt Pleasant DC?

Ward 1 is in the heart of the District and contains the neighborhoods of Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, Adams Morgan, U Street, Pleasant Plains, Park View, Shaw, LeDroit Park, Meridian Hill, Lanier Heights, Kalorama and more.