What props to use for maternity photos?

What props to use for maternity photos?

Top 20 Maternity Photo Props

  • Toddler T-Shirt. Show off the beautiful clothes you have bought for your baby.
  • Tiny Shoes. Tiny shoes are meaningful maternity photoshoot props, so if you’ve already bought one, make sure to include them in the frame.
  • Sonogram.
  • Toddler’s Things.
  • Flower Wreath.
  • Balloons.
  • Toy.
  • Flowing Dress.

How should I pose for maternity pictures?

Find ways to flatter the body

  1. Avoid shooting straight-on. This angle can make you client look BIG instead of pregnant.
  2. Shoot from the side. A side-view is a flattering angle that helps highlight a beautiful baby bump.
  3. Use a longer lens.
  4. Encourage bent arms and legs.
  5. Walk-and-talk—but from the side!
  6. Dip and spin.

How do I choose a prop for a photoshoot?

Good Props for Product Photos

  1. Plants: We wish we knew why, but we LOVE using plants in product photography.
  2. Simple Backdrops: A simple, textured backdrop can become a prop if you choose wisely.
  3. Light: This may seem like a cheap trick, but way back when we learned it from our friend Sam, it changed the game.

How do you have a baby shower at home?

How to Plan a Baby Shower

  1. Select a date and time. Consult with the guest of honor to choose a date and time for her party.
  2. Determine the guest list and budget.
  3. Choose a venue.
  4. Send the invitations.
  5. Plan the menu and decor.
  6. Come up with an agenda.
  7. Pick baby shower favors.

What do you do with maternity photos?

Ideas for Displaying Your Maternity Pictures

  • Framed Prints of Your Maternity Pictures. You may want to show off your maternity photos by displaying framed prints in your home.
  • DIY Craft Projects.
  • Maternity Pictures in a Baby Book.
  • A Special Photo Album.
  • Social Media Posts.

What week should I do maternity photos?

around 28 to 36 weeks
Conclusion. While the best time frame for a maternity photo session is around 28 to 36 weeks of the pregnancy, expecting mothers can enjoy a shoot as long as they’re not a little too close to their delivery dates and they can still move around with a growing baby bump.

What is a photoshoot prop?

So, props are all those objects that photographers add into the scene they’re photographing that are not the main subject of the image. I don’t consider hats, jewelry, wristwatches, and all those accessories your model wears for a portrait, to be props.

Do photographers bring props?

It is never a bad idea to bring a photo prop or two to your portrait session. Props work for all types of photography sessions – bridals, family portraits, senior pictures, couple photos, etc. And the ideas for what props you can bring along are endless! I often encourage people to think about bringing along props.

How do I get my newborn ready for photoshoot?

5 Tips to Prepare for your Newborn Photo Session

  1. SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION AHEAD OF TIME. Most photographers will only do newborn sessions when infants are between 5 to 14 days old.

How to do your own maternity photo shoot?

– Try to take your photos between 30 and 36 weeks. You want to show off that bump! – Take your pictures outside! – If you do shoot outside, plan to take your photos during the “golden hour,” which is the couple hours before sunset. – Don’t forget the props. – You don’t need a fancy camera to get great results. – Edit your photos after the shoot.

How to get ready for a maternity photo shoot?

1PM – Bodyweight workout,just high reps to get some blood flowing.

  • 2PM – 20 minutes in the tanning booth.
  • 3PM – Trained a client and stretched.
  • 4PM – Now the fun begins; a triple dose of dandelion root tea to start the dehydration process.
  • 5PM – Cut water completely and took another triple dose of dandelion root.
  • 505PM – 6:30PM – Depletion workout.
  • What to bring to your maternity photoshoot?

    Styles Perfect to Highlight your Bump. Maxi dresses not only photograph beautifully,but they are also super comfortable.

  • Have 2 Outfits.
  • Outfit Choices With Partner And Children.
  • Comfort Is Still Important.
  • Consider Clothing Color for Outside Locations.
  • Think Timeless.
  • What props are used in a photo shoot?


  • Hard sheets
  • Cork Sheets
  • Vintage Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Balls
  • Clothing materials
  • Curtains
  • Jewelries/Accessories
  • Pets