What should I teach my Sunday school class?

What should I teach my Sunday school class?

15 Sunday School Lesson Theme Ideas

  • Theme: Jesus Hears Our Prayers.
  • Theme: Jesus is Our Anchor.
  • Theme: Becoming a Fisher of Men.
  • Theme: Convicted for Christianity.
  • Theme: Take Time to Rest and Enjoy God.
  • Theme: Me and My Big Mouth — Understanding Gossip.
  • Theme: Worrying about “Stuff”
  • Theme: Knowing the Holy Spirit.

How do you make a Sunday school class fun?

How to Make Sunday School More Fun (Without Watering Down Your Teaching)

  1. Movement. Teaching kids about the life of Jesus might normally be an opportunity to place your flimsy felt cut-outs on a board, but a more interactive approach gets the kids involved in telling the story themselves!
  2. Interaction.
  3. Quality Media.

What is the Bible Sunday school lesson?

Grades 2 and 3: The Bible is God’s truth to guide you. For the younger children, the message is simple: God gave the Bible to us to help us. It is an important letter God wrote to each of us to learn from, to obey, and to get to know Him better.

How do you teach youth to Sunday school?

How to Teach Engaging Lessons for Youth

  1. Prepare the classroom.
  2. Develop a spirit of inclusion.
  3. Share stories and examples.
  4. Conducting Discussions.
  5. Don’t just talk, but listen and invite the youth to ask questions and discover the gospel for themselves.

What is a good Bible lesson to teach?

Obedience is another important Bible lesson that you can teach your child. You can read to them from Ephesians 6:1-4, which is a passage about Paul telling children to obey their parents as a sign of their love and respect.

How do I motivate my child in Sunday school?

7 Tips to Give Children A Great Sunday School Experience

  1. Prepare Your Classes in Advance.
  2. Avoid Passing the Buck.
  3. Be a Positive Disciplinarian.
  4. Encourage Parent & Child Spiritual Conversations.
  5. Keep the Parents Updated.
  6. Constructively Criticize Yourself.
  7. Delegate.

How do you play scavenger hunt in the Bible?

How to Play

  1. Divide into teams.
  2. Work in teams to solve the puzzles on Bible Scavenger Hunt Clues by looking up the Bible.
  3. Write down your answers in the Bible Scavenger Hunt Worksheet.
  4. Hunt for the items, then take a group selfie of the entire group together with each item.

How do you explain God’s word to children?

Describe God as a person, but not a real-life, flesh-and-blood person. Let them know that God is everywhere. This can be a tough concept for children to grasp, but a useful analogy is to compare God to the wind, because they can’t see wind but they know it is there.

What do you do at Sunday school?

Sunday school classes usually precede a Sunday church service and are used to provide catechesis to Christians, especially children and teenagers, and often adults as well. Many Sunday school classes operate on a set curriculum, with some teaching attendees a catechism.

How to choose the best Sunday school curriculum?

Essential factors in choosing a Sunday school curriculum. Denomination – Is the curriculum consistent with your church’s denomination?

  • Class logistics. Now it’s time think about your class.
  • Media. Video and music play a big part in many curriculums.
  • Curriculum format.
  • Pricing.
  • Supplementing your own material.
  • How to survive teaching your first Sunday school lesson?

    Know-It-All: This is the kid who has spent a lot of time in church,and knows that the Sunday School answer is generally “Jesus”.

  • Quiet: This is the kid who doesn’t want to speak up in class.
  • Scoffer: This is the kid who probably has a brother or sister,or a parent,or someone else influential in their life who isn’t gung-ho on Jesus.
  • What is Sunday school like?

    “Sunday School” at The Bends was edgy AF “Another episode of Creative Douching,” you said, “this looks like the ‘art’ project of a horny high school kid that’s watched too much South Park.” Then you all started arguing with each

    What is a preschool lesson?

    The entire span of lessons and content that your child will be taught during the course of preschool education is what’s known as the preschool curriculum. Depending on the preschool you choose and the early childhood education philosophy it follows, your child may explore a wide variety of academic, social, physical, and emotional lessons.