What sin does Mr Lapham accuse Johnny of?

What sin does Mr Lapham accuse Johnny of?

Mr. Lapham, a pious Christian, disapproves of Johnny’s arrogance. One day at breakfast he asks Johnny to read aloud some Bible verses regarding the sin of pride. Johnny acknowledges the rebuke but fails to rein in his arrogance.

What was the fiddler’s bill?

What is the “fiddler’s bill” in the chapter’s title? It was the bill they paid for dropping the tea into the Boston harbor.

Why did the British go to Portsmouth New Hampshire?

That free men had the right to defend their liberties. 15. Why did the British go to Portsmith, New Hampshire? To capture ammunition.

What happens in Johnny Tremain?

Set around the time of the Revolutionary War in Boston, Johnny Tremain is a coming-of-age story about a talented young silversmith apprentice (one who molds silver) who struggles to find his way. Johnny Tremain is overconfident, bossy, and bullies his fellow apprentices.

What does Sam Adams hire Johnny?

As a result, Adams treats Johnny as an equal and hires him to ride for the important Boston Committee of Correspondence, which will later become the Continental Congress. Johnny runs into Cilla and Isannah at the water pump one day.

What had Cilla promised Johnny now that she knew?

What had Cilla promised Johnny now that she knew who he was? She promised that she wouldn’t tell anyone.

Why is RAB so keen on getting a gun?

What does Rab want so badly? He wants a gun because he feels he needs a good, modern gun in order to fight the British.

What does Johnny discover in the family Bible?

While in the house, Johnny pockets Jonathan Lyte’s important papers hoping that they will be of interest to Samuel Adams. He also finds a family genealogy in an old Bible and discovers that his mother’s name is scratched out.

Why isn’t Johnny allowed to write down anyone’s name who subscribes to the newspaper?

Q. Why wasn’t Johnny allowed to write down anyone’s name who subscribed to the newspaper? The newspaper would be published too late. It could end up in the wrong hands.

Why did Revere ride for Portsmouth?

13, 1774, Paul Revere rode to Portsmouth, N.H., to warn the redcoats were coming. It was a much less famous ride than the one he made four months later, but it did have consequences. Hundreds of New Hampshire patriots would respond to Revere’s message by storming the colony’s only fort, William and Mary in New Castle.

Who did Johnny Tremain marry?

Priscilla “Cilla” Lapham Timeline and Summary July 1773: Cilla is the fourteen-year-old granddaughter of the silversmith Ephraim Lapham, and engaged to Johnny Tremain.

Who does Johnny Tremain end up with?

Fourteen-year-old Johnny Tremain, the best and brightest of three silversmith apprentices, gets the whole household ready to work for the day. Johnny’s future seems set—he will marry Cilla Lapham so he can inherit her grandfather’s silver business and become Boston’s best silversmith—until the unthinkable happens.

What are some good Johnny Tremain questions?

The family of Johnny’s father did not tell them that Johnny’s mother had a child.

  • Johnny’s father used an assumed name in Boston.
  • The family of Johnny’s mother disowned her for marrying Johnny’s father.
  • All of the above
  • What are facts in Johnny Tremain?

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  • How did Johnny Tremain meet Sam Adams?

    Therefore, when England sends a shipment of tea with a small tax attached, the Boston Observers schedule a meeting to discuss their next steps. Johnny goes to the house of each member, giving the summons for the meeting, which is encoded as a newspaper bill.

    What does Johnny Tremain learn about his family history?

    Orphan’s Ordeal: Johnny is an orphan; his first surrogate family is the Laphams, as he is apprenticed to the family patriarch and expected to marry Cilla once they’re old enough so he can inherit the business. Later he is taken in by Rab and his family. Meanwhile his actual extended family, the Lytes, want nothing to do with him.